Friday, June 04, 2010

Seneca Wallace Can't Catch A Break

     Poor Seneca Wallace.  He is a talented guy who just always seems to find himself in the wrong situation.  He is a professional football player, for those of you who don't know who he is, and he has always had the potential to be a big star but he just can't seem to get his break.  First of all, he had to play college football at Iowa State, which is generally a football wasteland, and he was so good he actually elevated them into the Top-25 teams in the nation at one point.  But let's be honest, it was Iowa State so only about sixteen people knew about him.  Sixteen people who weren't NFL scouts that was.
     But there were some NFL scouts who knew about him, and he was drafted and ended up as a member of the Seattle Seahawks, who once were the laughing stock of the AFC but have risen to respectability in the 2000s.  Seneca could have been a great leader and draft pick for the club, but he ended up second string behind Matt Hasselbeck, who just happens to be pretty good.  He got to go to a super bowl at least.
     Now he is a member of the awful and dysfunctional Cleveland Browns where they teased him.  See, they signed him, and it seemed as if he would get to finally be the man in Cleveland, but only for about nine days before they signed a bunch of other people that are expected to start ahead of him.  And now, on top of all that, Seneca has had to endure an even worst indignity.  He was about to get some prime face time with his highlight video on Big Dave and Company, but now, as of today, he is being replaced by something that we just can't pass up.
     Yesterday morning on Good Morning America, which is on the only channel I get in my wing of the Worldwide Headquarters, during the ten minutes or so that I was actually actively watching it, they showed a video that has recently gone viral on the Internet.  It is a video of a deaf infant baby hearing the voice of his mother for the first time.  He doesn't cry and isn't confused, and in fact the little baby doesn't make a whole lot of reaction, but he DOES flash the most amazing and heartwarming smile when he sort of processes what is going on.
    You will have to watch it.  It's down below, in Seneca Wallace's old spot, and there is just something so truly human and wonderful and monumental about the whole thing.  It is just one of those human moments that defies everything, and that is so amazing.  I just don't have the words to accurately express it.  So go and watch it, it will make you feel all sorts of good inside.  It will even make Seneca Wallace smile.

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I really like the way you did this one.