Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New Verbs for You

Somewhere along the way in the English language it became okay to created verbs out of proper nouns.  I understand that snow leads to snowing and throwing pitches leads to pitching, but acting like Bradley Cooper should not and never will lead to Bradley Coopering.  Yet it seems to lately.  In that spirit, here are some news verbs to look forward to with definitions attached:

- Gross National Producting: This verb varies by nation, but it means the act of any number becoming the Gross National Product.

-  Ronald Reganing: the act of wearing sweatpants with a dress shirt and tie while on board Air Force One.

-  Rachel Raying: accomplishing everything in 30 minutes and being super perky while that happens.

-  Sylvester Stalloning: The act of taking a Rocky movie.

-  S.S. Norwaying: a ship in the act of not sinking.

-  Foundation For a Better Lifing:  Having an advertising budget while advertising no product or service.

-  Ron Burgundying: throwing a burrito into a public place after eating only one bite.

-  Dick Van Dykeing - the act of tripping over an ottoman.

Those are just some verbs to look forward to seeing in the near future, as our language begins to grow and evolve.  Start using them with your friends, relatives, co-workers, and loved ones today!

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