Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kindle My Rage

     I wrote the other week on our Twitter account that if I could choose one company to just sort of go away forever I think that I would pick Old Navy.  And I still stand by that decision.  I dislike the store, I hate the commercials, I dislike the promotions, I dislike the product, I dislike the dumb logo - I pretty much have no love lost for the entire operation.  That being said, if I had to choose one product that was on the market that I wish would just go away, I would have to choose the product that has been drawing my ire as of late, that I have struggled to find a use for and that I think is just wrong all around, and that is the Amazon Kindle.
     I don't like the Amazon Kindle because I think that it is the most useless and pretentious product on the market today.  Okay, maybe not the MOST but it's right up there, and it is certainly the most marketed of the useless and pretentious products out there.  Here is the problem with this product, designed solely to find another way to make money for Amazon: it is only really useful for a segment of the population that doesn't want to use it.
     See, people who are into electronics - uber phones, iPod Touches, PSP, etc. - generally don't like to read, that is why they are into videos and video games, etc.  If they wanted to read there are plenty of books in print.  Conversely, people who like to read like to read books.  And that is who the Amazon Kindle is aimed at.  Let's be honest, it's not like having books in electronic form, especially not on a device that is designated just for the purpose of reading, is going to make people read more.
     There is it, folks.  The people who want to read will just read books.  They are equally portable as the Kindle, they certainly cost less, and they are easier on the eyes.  There has never been a study linking eye strain to reading books, okay?  Granted, the kindle gives one an amazing amount of books at the touch of the fingertip, but so does the friendly local library.  And it's not like you have to have fresh books instantly.  A reader can take a book along when they go out of town or something and the odds are that they will still be reading it when they get back, at which point they can finish it and go back to the library.  Sorry Kindle, seems to me that the library is about as equally functional as you are, AND it gives the fantastic sensation and smell of being surrounded by hundreds and thousands of books.
      So I guess that is all that I have to say.  I am not a fan of the Amazon Kindle; I think it's useless and stupid.  I am sorry.  Go to the library people.

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