Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Day After

      Well, the beer festival is now a little more than 24 hours in my rear view mirror, and I have to admit that I am happy about that.  Not that I didn't have fun at the beer festival - I did, and I sampled a few fantastic beers, a few that weren't my cup of tea, and a lot that were just alright.  Not ones that I would go out and try to purchase but ones that I would be happy to have offered to me.
     That being said, OxPhocker and I spent all four hours of the beer festival at the beer festival, and as such I drank a lot of beers.  I am not going to lie when I say that I was a little drunk by the time we wandered back to his car for the short ride home, but I certainly wasn't the only one to be sure.  While I came home with a seemingly record-amount of beer-related literature, I was reminded of one single truth when it comes to beer - there is certainly such a thing as too much.
     Four hours of beer was a little past my limit, and now I don't want to have another one for quite some time.  I still like beer, and rest assured I will drink it again, but aside from the cotton mouth and the sort of filled-up feeling (sorry, I try not to drink light beer, and I know this feeling is a consequence of that decision) and the general hangover the next day (which I had this morning but it wasn't bad at all) and I am just all beered out for the time being.  I will be having a beer or two after work again in not too much time.  But as for now, I am out.  I celebrated beer for an afternoon, and now I will celebrate not beer for a bit.  I did have fun though, and I do appreciate the great job that all those friendly local and craft brewers did with their products, so I guess that even though the thought of a beer is making me sort of gag right now, I am still a fan.  I am already looking forward to the beer festival next year!

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