Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Dave and Company Logos

     Friday, March 28, 2008 was a pretty big day for all of us here at Big Dave and Company.  That was, of course, the day that I sat down in a comfortable chair at the very original Worldwide Headquarters and typed out the first words ever here on Big Dave and Company.  That was not only a big day for us but I would assume it was a monumental day in the history of the world.    You should go back and read the blog from that day - it will be kind of like reading the Declaration of Independence or maybe your birth certificate.  You will be in tears probably.
     Another milestone came along on September 1, 2009, and that was the first ever episode of the Big Dave and Company Podcast.  If the first blog was like the birth, then the first podcast was like turning 18.  That was when we turned eighteen, signed up for Selective Service, started to vote, bought some smokes just because we could and had our parents threaten to throw us out of the house because we were an adult now.  Oh, and bought some porn.  Lots and lots of porn.
     So am I drunk?  Why am I going on like this.  The reason that I am going on like this is because, unless you are blind, inattentive or downright fucking stupid by now you have noticed that we have a sweet new logo plastered across the top of our blog page.  Pretty sweet isn't it.  NO YOU MAY NOT TOUCH IT!  It's still fresh.  There is a similar logo on our podcast page - similar but different.  That is why I said similar and not same.  Anyway, so this is obviously a major milestone.  A super major milestone.  So what would this be like in our lifetime analogy?  It's like we got drunk on spring break and got a tramp stamp.
      But a sweet looking tramp stamp nonetheless.  The picture is the world, but backwards, so that the continents are left empty and the oceans are covered.  The particular ocean at which you are looking is the Atlantic.  I am not sure when the Earth became one of the plantes with rings, but I believe that those are supposed to be like jet tails whisking us around all the corners of the Earth.  Because we are worldwide.  Hence the sweet new slogan too.  iTunes. Web. Worldwide.  We are all those things.  Marketing types, like the boys on Mad Men, talk about brand recognition and having a logo across a brand and whatnot, so that is what we have done.  Sort of like the logos for Diet and Cherry Coke are slightly different from the logos for regular Coke but that they are instantly recognizable as being related.  That what is going on here.  So all is well. 
     We certainly did not do this alone.  We got help from a talented young artist and designer named Eric Reou (e-mail if you are interested in learning more about Eric) and a great but most importantly free site called Logoease.  And what Logoease gave us our talented web designer and all around friend of the blog and show Gone With the Wind (e-mail if you are interested in learning more about her or I suppose you could click here) made useable and perfect.  And all that and all those people led us to where we are today, showing everyone our new tramp stamp.  I hope you like it now - I know I certainly do.  Look for it in all sorts of places in the future!

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BradPerala said...

Congratulations! A big day for you! Now if I could just simply write a blog, maybe I could be in the same league as you.

However, I do have flameage on my page.