Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wake Up Call

     For those of you who don't know me from my past, or who haven't been able to figure it out with me, I have a real problem with mornings.  And it's not the problem that you probably think it is.
     For the record, Company, I like mornings.  I really do.  Especially early mornings, like the 5-7 am chunk of the day.  I really do.  There is something about the air and the light and the serenity that is just good for the soul.  There is usually a sort of dampness in the air, especially if it has rained the night before, that the sun hasn't had the opportunity to burn off as of yet, and the heating of the day has yet to stir up a lot of wind to sort of clear things out.
     Then there are the people, or at least the lack of people.  Sure, there are a few people out and floating around in the early hours, but they are a special breed of the early morning people.  The REAL early morning people, and for the most part they go about their tasks relatively quietly and without much fanfare.  But they are it.  There are not a whole lot of other people hanging around.  They are all sleeping, or at least they are still inside their houses in their bathrobes, clinging to their coffee cups like sailors clinging to their life raft after their ship capsized.  There is really something to be said for the time in the morning when the Earth has woken up but the world hasn't yet.
     But then there is the problem, Company.  My problem.  My problem with the early morning hours that I like so well is that they come, well, really fucking early in the morning.  5-7 am starts at 5 am like one of those annoying early morning talk shows that are on every local television station in America.  That's ridiculous.  I mean, God should have never invented that time of the morning, because it is just wrong.
    See, that is the problem, Company.  I love that time of the morning but I HATE waking up so that I can take part in it, which is the one thing that makes it great.  The fact that it is truly barbaric to have to be woken up from a deep and hopefully productive slumber while it is still dark outside is the single thing that keep the magic of the early morning, well, truly magical.  It is what keeps the masses from destroying it in its entirety.  Kind of like its remoteness keeps a lot of tourists from destroying a South Pacific atoll. 
     So what is one to do?  How does one cope, especially when one is a night owl?  Because I am not going to lie, Company, I am a night owl.  If given the choice, my body will choose to fall asleep at 2 am and wake back up at like noon-ish.  That is just how it is.  So when you are on that sort of natural clock schedule, a 4:45 wake up call is just brutal, and it can lead me to be, which ruins the wonder and happiness of that magical time.  The ace that I always kept in my sleeve for the early morning conundrum is to just stay up all night, therefore defeating the alarm problem and still getting all the benefits of the early morning hours.  Then I just sleep through the afternoon, which is fine because I hate the afternoon anyway, but that's for another post.
    I hope you have a wonderful day, and set your alarm.  The early morning is beckoning.

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