Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts that are popping into my head as I write this post...

I just saw a commercial for the new A-Team movie, and I just creamed in my pants.  Is that bad?

Cottage cheese with pineapple is delicious.  So is cottage cheese with blueberries in it.  And a half a cantelope, hollowed out with cottage cheese in it is also great, especially if the cantelope is very sweet.  The cantelope wins on presentation every time.  Cottage cheese with pineapple is the loser in the presentation category.

I am wondering how many people actually read this, and if they do, do you think they think that I should be wearing a helmet?

Helplessness is an awful feeling.  For instance, when someone who you care about is going through a tough time and there is nothing that you can do to help them.  It is even worse when you genuinely think that you can help but in reality you probably couldn't, even though the thought and effort goes a long way.

Am I making any sense here, Company?

I am not a big fan of show tunes, and I am not sure what makes them so popular.  I mean, I understand that they are catchy, and that when part of the show they are probably pretty good, but big catchy show tunes numbers just don't do it for me.  Sorry, Oklahoma!

A lot more people bowl perfect games in bowling than pitch perfect games in baseball.

Do you think that Taco Bell just makes up shit and gives it a Spanish-sounding name that ends in the letter "A?"  I do.

What will happen when they start naming them things that end in "O"?  It will be like me seeing the A-Team Movie trailer.  I will probably piss myself.

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