Sunday, May 23, 2010

News in Brief

    Here is just a short list of some things that have happened recently.  Feel free to digest them at your leisure.  If you want to know more you are on your own.

-  A man in Massachusetts had his head and shoulders sucked into a vacuum-type sausage seasoning machine that accidentally activated while it was being cleaned.

-  A man was arrested in Pennsylvania for threatening his girlfriend with a meat cleaver during an argument over the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Like that will really help with the cleanup.

-  Someone in Colorado got a lip tattoo, which was used to identify them as the perpetrator in a robbery.  I can't believe they were arrested for getting a lip tattoo.

-  A man in Washington state who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and a bunch of heroin in his possession tried to dial Room 119 and accidentally dialed 911.  When authorities came by to see what was up, they arrested him.

-  Police in El Paso, Texas arrested a man they were chasing at a carnival when they saw his sneakers sticking out from under a pile of teddy bears.  If he were smart he would have set that up and then ran away barefoot.  That's how MacGyver would have done it.

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