Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Trip to the Doctor

     So Company, I don't know if you know but I have been dealing with an illness recently.  I am fortunate enough to have gotten through the worst of all the stuff and now I am dealing with some lingering effects.  That happens from time to time.  In fact, it happened yesterday.  I had some problems, well less some problems but more some questions.  See, I have never been through an illness like this before, and so I am not exactly sure how it all goes.  So I saw some things happening that I wasn't sure about, and so I wanted to get some answers.  So I went in.  I had a list of questions to ask, and I got some answers.  They may not have been answers that I liked, but I at least got a couple of answers.  And that is fine.  I can understand that you don't always get to hear what you want to hear.  That is called life.  But I have never been to a doctor who just said "I don't know.  I have no answer for that."  And that is what I got a couple of times.
    Wait, what?  Yeah.  I had a doctor say to me that he did not have an answer to my problems.  That did not sit well with me.  I generally don't go into the doctor when my body is functioning perfectly, and while he might not know the answer to my problems they certainly aren't made up.  The proof is in the pudding, and anyone can see it with their eyes and feel it with their fingertips.  So that is why I am there.  He did, in the end, after much incoherent stammering on my part, agree to see me again on the day the orthopedist is in town (I live in a small town, so specialists only come around once every so often) and then we can see him by then, which to me is a very appropriate response.  But needless to say it didn't go well and I was not happy.  I am starting to wonder if it is time for a second opinion.

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