Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Me vs. LeBron

So I was watching LeBron James light up the NBA Playoffs the other day, and I was getting pretty jealous of his basketball skills.  He is a supremely talented and hard working young man, and as such he would earn more during the time it would take him to read this post than I would make in, oh, say, about three lifetimes.   So I was jealous of his skills, his wealth, and his noteriety.  But then I started thinking that maybe King James isn't so much better than I am, that maybe I can compete with LeBron.  As such, here is a list of things that I feel I can do as well as, if not better than, two-time NBA MVP LeBron James:

- Walking
- Drinking Milk
- Programming the VCR
- Sleeping
- Getting a Haircut
- Basic Mathematics
- Petting a Dog
- Watching Television
- Surfing the Internet
- Cutting a Banana
- Give Blood
- Decipher Weather Charts
- Jarts
- Get a shot blocked by LeBron James
- Toothbrushing

That is just a partial list, but I would suppose that there are a lot more things at which I am equal or greater in ability than the great LeBron James.  So next time you are feeling inadequate, or maybe you are jealous of that guy in the cool are or the super skilled athlete, just remember - even Big Dave can stack up to LeBron James.

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