Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Leading the Pack

     I have written roughly seven hundred blog posts since the inception of Big Dave and Company in March of 2008, a number that I think it pretty impressive the more that you think about it.  As such, sometimes I run out of idea, but more often than not lately I am starting to run into a problem that happens with The Simpsons.  South Park devoted an entire episode to note how The Simpsons had done just about every idea known to man in their twenty years on the air, so that unless you were topical and current and beat them to the punch, to borrow a line from the show, "The Simpsons did it."
     Well, I am starting to run into the same problem, but in reverse.  It turns out that I am way more of a trend setter than I ever could have realized.  Over the past two years-ish I have written posts about all the baby blogs that I inspired (most of which have fallen by the wayside, by the way; shame, shame) and about how there is a marked difference when crossing a land border, just to name a couple.  It is that last one that is demonstrating most recently this phenomenon of everyone following in my footsteps as I make my way through the blogosphere.
     The most recent victim, or maybe I should say the most recent person who is following in my illustrious footsteps is not really a person at all, it is a gigantic universally respected corporation, in this case the BBC.  They featured a short article on their website this past weekend about the differences when crossing from mainland China to Hong Kong.  Hmmm...sounds an awful lot like someone noting the differences between crossing a state border, now doesn't it?  I don't blame them, I know that I am a fantastic inspiration, in fact when Kevin Smith made the movie Dogma he actually asked my to play Serendipity, the muse, because he knew just how inspirational I was, even way back then (that never happened, I made that up).  That part ultimately went to Selma Hayak, who did a fantastic job, although I think I would have been pretty good too.
    This has begun to spread to my personal life.  A couple of days ago I walked into the room where I always get my IV treatments at the friendly local medical facility and I noticed that there was another IV pump in the room, with someone else's name on it.  Since I like to call Room 117 the Big Dave Suite I was understandably upset.  Eventually curiosity got the best of me and I went and looked at the bag hanging on his machine to see who he was.  I don't remember his name but I do remember that he was born the same year as I was, and that he was getting the exact same dose of the exact same medicine at the exact same rate as I was.  And he had the exact same name too!  Just kidding.  But he started his IV therapy a couple of days after I did, so what was I to do but assume that he wanted to be just like me in every way, shape and form.
     Another example?  The other day I went to the grocery store and like five people followed me in.  I know.  Just kidding, that's a little ridiculous, but I have just sort of noticed that a lot of people seem to be doing the same things that I am either doing or have done before.  I know that they are not copying or following me, I understand that in real life it is merely coincidence, or in the case of the BBC they can't read everything on every Internet site everywhere, so it probably happens a lot.  It makes me feel good though that I seem to be if not on the cutting edge of what's going on in the world today, at least not too far from it.  Makes me feel like I know what's going on.  And that's nice.  I just can't but help to wonder what aspect of my life will get copied next. :p

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