Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Death of Imagination

     We are in mourning this morning around the Worldwide Headquarters, Company, over the recent loss of creativity and imagination in our society.  Word came to our offices early the other morning when we saw a commercial for a "cell phone."  I didn't put that in quotes because I want to be featured on The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks, I did it because I don't really know that it is a phone anymore.  I mean, yes, it makes phone calls, but mostly it seems to be a text, picture, Internet, and Transformer movie clip machine.  It has essentially become a device which is used to entertain us every minute of every day of our lives, just so long as we fork over for the correct data plan, which required a minimum of 1000 minutes a month phone package.
    The point here, Company, is that when the commercial for this entertainment machine flashed across the television screen here in the Worldwide Headquarters, it was a sort of epiphany.  It got the gears turning, however slowly at a quarter to six in the morning, but it really made us realize that our society, our generation, our culture, has either lost the ability to or is unwilling to be creative or imaginative for the most part.
     I don't know if we all have Attention Deficit Disorder or what, but it has come to the point where children and adults alike refuse to go a minute of their life without entertainment.  I have lots of exampled.  How many of you parents out there have little DVD players for your car to keep the kids captive while you drive around.  I see a lot of hands out there.  How many of you have a phone that has more screen than it does buttons?  Show of hands?  That's what I thought.  I am not immune, allow me to serve myself up as an example.  I recently spent a couple of days in the hospital, and I brought like six books, had a TV on at all times, and I brought my laptop to take advantage of the free WiFi.  When Scooter was in the hospital drying out in Hoosiers he had a metal framed bed and probably had to beg for that radio that he listened to the games on. 
     Now, there are some people out there who can still deal in creativity and imagination.  There are just enough artists and inventors out there doing their thing to keep us rolling along, but even those who are supposed to be dealing in imagination and creativity - the movie and television industries most pointedly - are just regurgitating the same stuff that has already been done before.  Sort of like when Mike-a-licious tells me that I just regurgitate the news all the time.
     I understand that there is a lot to be said for ease and convenience, and having your kids glued to a Spongebob Squarepants episode in the back of your overly sized SUV is much easier than having to talk to them or giving them some Mad Libs or something, which is fine.  I mean, we wouldn't want them to look out the window and see America on their way to Grandma's house in Arizona.  I am not saying that we should all be washing dishes by hand when there is a perfectly good dishwasher in our kitchen (although I know people who do that and I just don't understand, but whatever floats their boat I suppose), that just doesn't make sense.  But I would be hard pressed to come up with a situation where washing dishes is going to bring a lot of extra benefits to a person, aside from the clean dishes to eat off of and dishpan hands.  But when you have something blaring at you from a screen or an ear bud every moment of your life, it doesn't leave a lot of time for thinking or contemplation, and thinking and contemplation is what makes us continue growing as adults.
     The point is here, Company, that maybe it is good to have to entertain yourself from time to time, because it leads to personal growth.  I am sure that next week at your session with your life coach they will tell you the same thing.  God, I am glad that you are paying all the money to hear what I just told you from free.  Oh, but they have credentials and some letters after their name, so you believe them.   Here is what I am saying - put the crazy technology cell phone down.  You've seen that trailer for Night at the Museum before.  Turn off the TV, you've seen that episode of Friends before too.  Tell the kiddos about what they are seeing outside the window as you drive along.  I know it's hard but you have to trust me - everyone will be better off for it.

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