Friday, April 30, 2010

Y is for Yours

ears ago, when I was a kid and I would watch The Mickey Mouse Club, and they would be singing their song teaching us how to spell "Mickey" they would invariably get to "Y?  Because we like you!"  This, to me, always seemed like a bit of a cop out.  There were things that they could have put into that song that would have actually started with the letter Y.  As it were, they did all they could to contribute to the poor spelling of America's youth, and they really, if you want to be that way, could be blamed for the start of that awful text message language that everyone uses these days.  Thanks, Disney.
     One might be tempted to say that I am a little jealous about the fact that they could cop out and I couldn't, and one would be almost correct.  I am more bitter than jealous but you are on the right track.  Because I can't cop out like Disney did, I have actually come up with something that begins with the letter Y.
     Y is for yours.  It is a word that confers ownership of something to someone else, but in a broader sense it also has to do with belonging, not so much of something to you but of you to something.  Let me endeavor to explain: when I went into the hospital for my IV treatment the other day they said "Go to your room and we will be in shortly."  I am not an in-patient at the hospital, but I still have a room of my own apparently.  That is because I sort of belong in a way.  It feels good.  Let me throw another example out there for you: at the restaurant you go to every morning your table is in the back corner.  You do not own the table (unless you own the restaurant) but it is yours because that is where you are found and that is where you belong. 
     It's kind of a nice feeling when you get down to it, but not necessarily one that you think of when you are thinking of the word "yours."  Like, when an English as a Second Language teacher is teaching English they wouldn't waste time on teaching yours as you belonging to something, only something belonging to you.  Still, it is one of the things that is nice about life, that you can belong to something or some place and that place in that time becomes yours.  Why?  Because you like it.  Mickey Mouse cop out.

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BradPerala said...

If you were a certain someone back in the great northern regions, you might say "yous"