Wednesday, April 28, 2010

W is for Wellness

hen we started this April Alphabetic Post Promotion we really did plan to stick to our guns and be good and get it done by the time May rolled around, if anyone was left reading.  But as often happens, the best laid plans certainly went awry.  I tweeted a couple of days ago that we were away at Club Med, and as such there wouldn't be any posts for a couple of days.  Well Company, that was not exactly true.  The med part was.  I was in the hospital for treatment of an infection that required IV antibiotics.  I put the Club Med thing out there to avoid the inevitable worldwide panic that would have occurred had people thought I was in peril, although it was like Club Med because I had cable TV and all my meals were brought right to my bedside.  And I did look dashing in my gown, although the game of "Which way will the opening be facing today" got old with the staff right quick.
      W is for wellness today though, because of my time in the hospital.  Wellness is sort of an abstract concept that came about somewhere along the way, and is often found on the right side of the ampersand and couple with Health.  If this were Cagney & Lacey, wellness would be Lacey, because it always goes Health & Wellness, get it Company?  Anyway, health is easy enough, it is when your physical body is operating properly.  That is why you go into the hospital - it's like the mechanic for your body - and most hospitals are good at that aspect.  Mine was in this case: I was released in about half the time they expected me to be.  But not all medical care facilities can do as good a job with wellness.
     Wellness is like the mental and emotional part.  Matchbox Twenty once sang "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell."  Wellness is being right in mind and spirit.  And I definitely was not when I walked through the automated revolving door on Monday night.  Yeah, that is right, and automatic revolving door.  It was the strangest thing and I still have trouble figuring it out.  It is, however, the most amazing but over the top thing in my opinion.  Someday I am just going to walk circles in it for like 15 minutes and see if anyone notices.  But that's not the point here.  The point is that when I first came through it I was a little scared, I will admit it.  But little did I know that the hospital would be so good with the wellness aspect of the whole thing.
     I was fortunate enough to get hooked up with an amazing staff of nurses, CNAs, EMTs, etc.  Even the housekeeping staff was friendly and nice.  These men and women (mostly women) were so patient, caring, and informative that they almost immediately made me start feeling at ease.  They were patient with my many, many questions, and attentive to my sometimes frivilous needs.  There was a time when they were scheduling me a very routine procedure that involved implanting something into me to allow me to leave the hospital, and it made me very, very anxious, and the nurse on duty was so good to help me understand just how routine (and painless) it would be.  I can't thank them enough.
     So I was able to be healthy AND well, and there is not reason to have health without wellness.  They made me healthy and kept me well.  I get to see the cast of characters as an outpatient for the next few days (in fact, I am getting my outpatient treatment as I type this), and I feel good about that, because I genuinely like them.  I am actually thinking about getting sick or injured again just so we can hang out.  They really are good with the wellness thing, aren't they?

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