Saturday, April 24, 2010

V is for Vs.

Virtually every aspect of our life is made up not so much of competition as it is of opposition.  And opposition is defined almost always by two little letters, which stand for the woed versus: vs.
     We see it in sports all the time.  Los Angeles vs. Utah.  Nashville vs. Chicago.  Twickenham vs. Nottingham Forest.  Whatever vs. whatever.  It’s not just about sports, however, as vs. comes to define and structure just about every aspect of our lives.
     The computer that I used to write this post runs on the principle of on vs. off, yes vs. no, or 0 vs. 1, however you want to look at it.  Are you sitting on a chair while you read this?  That is because gravity and the weight beating capacity of that chair is in opposition and the chair is winning.  There are so many forces in opposition that make your car go down the road that it would make your head spin faster than the crankshaft inside your engine.  You are taking advantage of that fantastic deal on your cable television because of cable vs. satellite.
     You want me to keep going with more examples?  Because I can.  The Kentucky Derby is  like eight horses all against one another.  Their muscles are making them run because of the expansions and contraction of the muscle fibers against a hinged joint.  The muscle almost always wins that one.  You know how they are always blowing a bugle there?  That music comes from the vibrations of metal vs. air, and metal will win that one almost all the time. 
     So what does this mean, nameless Unpaid Intern?  What is this all about?  What’s the point?  Nothing, really, when you get right down to it.  I mean, sure I could go on and on and on and wrap this into some sort of treatise on war and the human condition in an effort to impress my professors, but really, I just want them to get me the hell out of here.  And you wouldn’t care anyway.  It’s just something interesting to think about.  I am sure that if you look around you as you go through your life you will start to notice what I am talking about.  Nothing is static, everything is in opposition.  You just spent a bunch of time reading what I thought about that, so I guess that means I won against all those other entertainment options, doesn’t it?  See what I mean?

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