Saturday, April 24, 2010

U is for Undulate

is for undulate.  The dictionary defines this as "having a wavy surface, edge, or markings."  But I have always sort of included it as being applicable to weaving back or forth, or even swaying, as if it were an amber wave of grain or something.  There is, however, and always has been a sort of, how do we say, dirty connotation with the word.  When I say it I see two naked bodies undulating on a dirty fleabag motel mattress.  With dim lights.  And keys that are actually still keys.  That sort of thing.  That's what I think of when I think of things undulating.
    I have noticed that I have been doing a lot of undulating lately, not of the fun dirty hotel style but like more in my opinions and thinking.  A lot of people would call that waffling.  That's a lie.  There wouldn't be a lot of people who would call that waffling, there are about sixteen people who would call that waffling.  I was once a member of the Waffling Club For Young Moderates, which was a club that became much more active and respected after I moved on, which is normal.  I once coached a softball team that only won one game all season and that was the week I was absent.
    Anyway, I have been doing some waffling, some undulating on how I stand with some things.  No big deal.  But wait, it is a sort of big deal.  I am not talking about small things, like what to have for lunch or whether to watch curling or Dancing with the Stars.  I am talking about my stance on life issues.  I mean that I say it's okay for one person and not the other.  I mean do as I say, not as I do.  And I am not okay with that.
     To me, it's a problem not so much of ignorance as it is a question of sloth and cowardice.  It is really easy to hold others to a higher standard but then cut corners oneself, which means that one is not only lazy but hypocritical, which in my opinion is the worst thing a person can be.  So that's not good.  If one intends to be lazy, one has to be willing to afford the other people the same luxury.  There have been an awful lot of times that I haven't and I am not willing to accept that.
     Then there is the cowardice.  It is very easy to allow one person to do something, or act a certain way, but then refusing to allow another to act the same way, especially when the person doing the action is a friend of yours.  It is imperative to have the confidence in your stance to not be afraid to apply your feeling of right and wrong to everyone.  That is courage.  And that is something I need a little more of in my life.
     This would have been a great New Year's resolution, but it will work just as well in late April.  It is time for a change, at least in the way I do business.  No more undulating for this guy.  Except when it comes to the Unpaid Interns.  They don't count.


BradPerala said...

Softball shoutout! I pitched that game! The greatest game ever played (by that team)

KingBobb said...

U is also for useless. Like Egypt.

My word verification word was burger. All hail St. Peaches Day!!!