Sunday, April 18, 2010

Q is for Quiet

uiet is the kind of thing that can really grab a person's attention quickly.  That is how the saying "Silence is deafening" came to be.  We have become so accustomed to having all sort of white noise around us at all time that when it is absent it is really, totally noticeable. Think, for just a minute, about all the things that you hear around you on any given day.  Not just the TV, radio, or the tuned spitting out from your iPod.  No, things like the ticking clock, the pump running on your water softener, the birds chirping, or the cars whizzing by on the street.  Maybe the neighbors humping in the backyard again even though you asked them very politely to please stop.
     Well, take all that away once, and see what it is like.  Think about when you walk into a mausoleum where even the dust hasn't been disturbed since 1952.  Or that time right before a major storm rolls in and even the birds and animals have vacated the premesis.  It's noticeable, and it is really, really, creepy.  Ever wake up in the morning (or afternoon I suppose) and not hear a thing, not even the refrigerator running?  That's enough to get your attention right quick.
     It's even worse when it happens suddenly.  It happened to me at a bowling tournament recently actually.  At a bowling tournament there is always a lot of noise being created: pin setters, people talking, pins falling, with a few curse words thrown in for good measure.  Well, I was up to go and suddenly, very suddenly and a bit oddly it all stopped.  It became eerily quiet very quickly.  Talk about unnerving.  I don't remember if I made a good shot or not, but I wouldn't be surprised if I hadn't, because that sudden lack of noise in a normally noisy environment is as devestating as a sudden sharp noise in a normally quiet one, like a golf tournament or tennis match.
     So that's the power of quiet, which is one of those instances where a lack of something can be as significant as having it there.  Just wait until the next time it happens to you.  You know what I mean.

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BradPerala said...

I remember when the power would go out at a certain Casino I would frequent, and there was that 5 seconds or so before the generator would kick in, and it was the creepiest feeling of all time. all machines, jet sorters, and gamblers go quiet, even for no more than 5 seconds. Very unnerving, I know what you are saying!