Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy St. Peaches Day!

t Peaches Day is a very special day here at the Big Dave and Company World Headquarters.  It always has been as long as I have been here, since my highly unpaid internship began over three years ago.  As you can see from the pictures, there are lots of festive things that we do here at Big Dave and Company.  First of all, we all go out onto the main front lawn here at the Worldwide Headquarters and make a gigantic letter "S" on the lawn, S is for St. Peaches, also it is for syphilus, which is what St. Peaches died from long, long ago.
     We also throw confetti in the bushes and eat tasty burgers, which is an important part of the celebration, especially when you eat your burgers with cheese and tomatoes, but with no lettuce.  There is no lettuce on a St. Peaches Day burger.   Then, after we eat our St. Peaches Day delicious tasty burgers, we all pile into our St. Peaches Day floats and parade around the town.  That is the most fun part.  Below is a picture of last year's St. Peaches Day celebration, at which about fifty college kids that we didn't know invaded the Worldwide Headquarters.
Looks like a lot of fun, doesn't it?  And it was.  That is the best part about any St. Peaches Day celebration: anyone is always invited and it's always a good time.  There is never any drama and there is always this sort of fraternal feeling of family and joy.  So it's nice.  Go out and be happy.  It's St. Peaches Day.  Happy St. Peaches Day.  Enjoy.

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