Sunday, April 04, 2010

D is for Dinner

enziens of food and gluttony in the United States almost always look to Thanksgiving, and to a lesser extent as the big ticket holidays when it comes to meals and eating.  Those who specialize in the cookout might look towards one of the three big "Days" in the summer - Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day.  And that is fine.  But one of the holidays that is always a sleeper when it comes to food and a big dinner is Easter, and I don't know if you've noticed but Easter is upon us.
     I know that a lot of people tend to equate Easter with pretty dresses, pastel colored eggs, and candy, but dinner is really the centerpiece of the Easter celebration.  Or at least the centerpiece of the secular holiday.  Anchored usually by the ham, Easter is a time for eating ON PAR with Thanksgiving, and this is coming from an Unpaid Intern whose favorite holiday falls on the last Thursday in November.  But Easter is sort of a dark house, and you engage in many of the same activities.  You get together with family, you stuff your face on comfort food: ham, cheesy potatoes, vegetables, some other sort of casserole, etc.  Then, you fall asleep on the couch before loosening your belt and shoehorning yourself into the car for the sleepy ride home.
     So why doesn't Easter get its props?  Why is it so generally forgotten?  I have come to believe that the lack of a bona fide sports tradition is part of it.  Thanksgiving has football in Detroit and Dallas and wherever the NFL Network has hijacked the tradition for this year.  Spring has almost baseball but usually not quite, but it just doesn't have that anchor.  Plus, Easter falls on a Sunday, so it always has to be the getaway day and dinner is always pushed earlier in the day.
     I truly believe, however, that it has a lot more to do with what we talked about a couple of days ago, when we made "A" stand for April.  Spring is always around at Eastertime, and usually that is springing eternal in everyone's mind, and all the great summer tomfoolery tends to overshadow Easter.  Well, that is sad because Easter is really a great holiday, somewhat eclipsed by its timing, but it puts a great spectacle on for itself, if you are only willing to stop and look at it.  So Happy Easter everyone, from Big Dave and Company.  We hope that you sincerely enjoy the holiday and treat it with the respect it deserves.  And then we can look forward to summer.

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