Friday, April 02, 2010

B is for Basketball

is for basketall, and boy is this a good time to be talking about it. coming up this weekend is the holy grail of basketball. Screw the NBA and their 64-month-long playoff system that noody but ABC and NBC and TNT really likes. Oh, and Nike. They like it to. But if you REALLY want to see what basketball is all about this is the weekend. It's time for the Final Four, in all three levels.
     Well, sort of. Divisions II and III have already been finished up, and those are basketball at its purest. They are basically free from the influence of the major corporatons, and the kids aren't superstars and haven't been treated as such since they were in eighth grade. But still, when the big boys cast off with their Final Four on Friday, it is a sight to behold. A spectacle of epic proportions. There is joy and sadness and shorts that come all the way down to your knees.  It's wonderful and fun and it keeps you are the edge of your feet.
     The passion of these young men, and the pressure under which they operate, is enormous.  While most of these kids are used to being on the big stage, this is an enormous stage.  First of all, the crowds are huge.  The have this nasty habit of playing these games in large football stadiums, whic doesn't make sense.  Although, I suppose that they play indoor football in basketball arenas.  So anyway, it's a huge stage and everyone watchs, and anything can happen.  That's the magic.  That's the greatness.  And it's all about basketball in its purest form.  And come Monday, we will all know who comes out on top of the scrap heap. 

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