Friday, March 26, 2010


     I spent some time watching the local state girl's high school basketball tournament the last couple of days.  I know, it sounds creepy, and PePe even told me I was a perv, but it was the only thing worth watching on the channels that I get.  There were actually some pretty exciting and entertaining games, and I enjoyed (God I hate that word, the sound of it just grates at my insides) it as much as I enjoyed watching the boys high school tournament last weekend.
     Anyway, I don't want to name names or name teams, but in the game I watched tonight, there was this girl playing that I sort of latched on to, and not for the reason that you think.  She was all white headband and rec specs, and she was one of those girls that coaches and underdog lovers love to love.  She was all hustle and try: throwing her body on the floor with abandon after loose balls, fighting for rebounds, setting tough screen, playing good defense, and generally doing all the stuff that needed to be done but didn't necessarily show up on the stat sheet.  She was all effort.
     Unfortunately, however, she wasn't very talented, which speaks volumes for just how important effort can be in team sports.  If it wasn't for that aspect of her character, she wouldn't have had a chance of playing, yet there she was.  Anyway, I sort of latched on to her not because she was good to attractive or because I liked her number, I latched on to her because she was so awful.  Every time she touched the ball something bad happened.  So I nicknamed her Suck-o.
     I know, I understand.  That's terrible.  But it seemed to fit.  Because for every amazing play she made, she promptly turned the ball over or something.  She made a great steal at one point, dribbled warily up the court, and promptly got the ball stolen back by the only other player within 16 feet of her.  She dives into the pile for a loose ball, then comes up with it and passes it to the wrong team.  She gets a tough rebound and throws the ball into the stands.
     And so it went.  On and on and on.  Every time she got the ball I was like "Don't give it to Suck-o!"  Whenever there was a stupid foul 40 ft from the basket I was like "Watch, it's on Suck-o."  And it always was.  I called it time and time again.  When she got the ball one time I simply shouted out "Turnover."  And that's exactly what she did with it.
     All that being said I sort of admire Suck-o for her all out effort and stick-to-it-ive-ness.  I think she will go far in life if she keeps up that attitude.  Suck-o's team ended up losing the game, but I can safely say that it was not her fault.  Sure, if all those mistakes she made hadn't been made they would have had more points maybe, but without all the gritty tough plays she made they might have been blown out.  It's tough to quantify that kind of player, that kind of person, but you always just sort of know that you want them on your side.  So congratulations Suck-o, wherever you are tonight, on a great season.  I wish you the best in whatever area your life takes you.  You really aren't that talented on a basketball court though.

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