Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ricky Martin Comes Out

     So anyway, Company, Ricky Martin used Twitter to come out of the closet today, and I couldn't care less.
     I am not going to sit here and tell you that I saw this coming from a mile away, because I didn't.  It's not so much that I couldn't have guessed it, but I just didn't care.  Maybe ten years ago I would have thrown that one out there - when it was sort of in vogue because most guys were a little jealous that all the girls were fawning over him - and when he was flamboyantly dancing to all those latin beats in tight pants, but not so much now.  I believe that there are several reasons for this.  First of all, Ricky Martin has, for the most part, sort of receded from the American consciousness.  I don't know if he's still making a splash at the Latin Grammys these days or not, but I know he isn't on the Top 40 radio station around where I live so much.  Plus, there has been a sort of widespread acceptence of homosexuality in the last say ten years (okay, so maybe not as widespread as it should be, but we are making progress, aren't we?)  so it doesn't really make waves like it used to be.  Oh, and I am not going to say it because everybody else is going to be saying it, especially every Bubba and Billy Joe watching Entertainment Tonight while wearing their trucker's cap and cutoff flannel in their favorite hometown dive bar.  Now there is a stereotype for you.
     Ricky made the bold decision to admit that he was gay using Twitter, which I sort of think is cool but I sort of think is not.  I suppose that you could say that I am on the fence when it comes to that one.  In one respect I give him a lot of respect, not only for coming out, but for doing it in such a low-key way.  A lot of people in his shoes: famous sort of guy who hasn't been making a lot of noise lately, admitting he is homosexual in a time when that is not such a big deal, would stage a big press conference and make a big deal out of the whole thing, soak up the whole fifteen minutes of fame, get the spotlight tan, and look awfully desperate in the process.  Not Ricky.  He was a classy guy about it.  Some of you out there might say that he still wasn't, because he could have just been homosexual and not really made an announcement, but when you are Ricky martin famous you have to give some sort of statement.  A nice written statement to the media would have sufficed as well.  But I like Twitter because it speaks more to the fans.  Direct-like.
     It is, however, sort of a cop out way to go about it.  The thing about Twitter is that it is almost anonymous.  I mean, not when you are Ricky Martin and millions of people are following you because you are Ricky Martin, but it's only 140 characters and it could have been a staffer who wrote it.  You don't know.  It a very faceless sort of easy way to go about it.
     All in all though, I approve of how he went about this announcement, as if he needed my approval.  I like that way he conducted himself, I like what he had to say (he talked about how he was a vary fortunate gay man and had a good life - classy), I like the whole shebang.  I am also happy that he can live his life publicly the way he wants.  Good for him, it must be a big weight off his shoulders.  And man, he's really gonna get the chicks now.  Too bad.  So sad

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