Saturday, March 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts about the world and the things in it that are floating around my hear today, done in a sort of choppy, random, Larry King style that makes no sense and flows in no way, shape, or form.  Mainly it's a way of me copping out of doing a real, full-lengh blog post for today.  Enjoy.

- Sony introduces the Play Station Move.  Sony has come out with a new controller for the Play Station 3 game system which closely mimics the style of controller that is used on the Nintendo Wii.  I can't say I am surprised, but I am surprised at how stupid looking the thing is.  While the Wii controller looks like it belongs, the Sony Play Station Move is kind of lame.  It looks like a variety of things -written in the freaky PlayStation Move pastel colors - including but not limited to: 1.) One of those brightly colored gel bouncy balls that is stuck on the remote control for a massage chair, 2.) Pastel karaoke microphones with one of those old-time spongy foam heads on it 3.) a female sex toy, 4.) anthing from a Sharper Image catalog.  I am not sure why they felt the need to but the buttons in an awkward arrangement or the giant oracle ball on the end, but these things look stupid and I am not sure how they could be comfortable in the hand while playing any video game.  By the time you read this you will know what games are available for it but you know what?  It's too little, too lame, and too late.  I don't care if Sony claims it outperforms the Wii controller.  Release your next PlayStation console with a controller like that to begin with and you will be fine.

-  Banks are struggling.  Listen, we all know about the bailout and mortgage foreclosures and the sky high interest rates on our credit cards.  But banks have become just plain stupid.  See, I have been seeing a lot of articles about banks foreclosing on the wrong homes or businesses, or getting names mixed up.  If you have too much property that you are taking control of to know exactly what you own, then you own too much.  Sell it.  I understand that's what you are trying to do.  But maybe your overextended yourself a little bit there, Billy Banker.  Or maybe you should have just written down everyone's name who owes you money on a big list somewhere.  How novel.

-  I have a pro-Pop Tart agenda.  I love the little things, and right now I am committed to eating one every day for breakfast until I can't stand them anymore, which I think will come faster than anyone thinks.  I love that they are economical, and they can be eaten on the go like while driving the car to work or while tubing down the friendly local river.  They are good both hot or cold, and they come in just about every flavor under the sun, as long as that flavor involved chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, or fruit of some sort.  I can still remember when I was a kid and Pop Tarts were full of mystery because we never got to have them.  Those were the days, when brown sugar and cinnamon would drive me wild and they came in a white box, as opposed to the current blue ones.  Love it!

WKRP in Cincinnati was a great show.  I've been watching it on DVD recently and I have found myself totally impressed.  I think it's hilarious, witty, and surprisingly topical, at least for the topics that were important in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  I am baffled at how that show was ever taken off the air, especially after only four years, but maybe it got played out.  I just don't know.  But to me it's better than The Simpsons, and that's been on almost as long as I have been alive.  Think about that.  And The Simpsons has never made me laugh out loud at the jokes.  Plus, if I were in Boston, I would have to say that the WKRP in Cincinnati girls are wicked good looking.  So that helps.

-  Speaking of TV... It's not hooked up yet in my new wing of the Worldwide Headquarters, and it is scaring me.  I never realized just how much time I spent devoted to that electronic box, or just how completely addicted to it I was.  I pine for the shows I used to watch, and that isn't good.  That being said, I am finding myself to be much more productive without it.  How about that for a shocker that really isn't.  Maybe I will just leave it off and I will be better for it.  Naw, probably not.

-  Let's get over ourselves already, shall we?  Dingus McFadden, excuse me, Peter Jackson, who directed all those annoying Lord of the Ring movies is causing controversey with his plan to place a giant "Wellywood" sign in his back yard in the city of Wellington, New Zealand.  And it's not who you would think that is causing a stir.  It's not the neighbors or naturalist groups.  Nope, it's Hollywood.  See, the sign would be similar in design to the iconic "Hollywood" sign in California (which by the way was put in in 1923 as part of a housing development I think).  And the Hollywood people, who take themselves way too seriously, are all up in arms about trademark infringement.  Yeah, like anyone in their right mind is going to confuse Wellington, New Zealand, with that sin pit of greed and degredation, Hollywood, California.  So anyway, they are threatening to sue, but meanwhile mayor Kerry Pendergast approves and planning approval has already been given.  In fact, the sign is tentatively scheduled to be erected in June.  He says that Wellington is the heart and soul of the New Zealand film community, which as far as I can tell really just consists of Peter Jackson.  Ready for the twist?  Mayoral candidate Jack Yan is against the sign - calling it "tacky and unoriginal", and I agree with him - was the one who called Hollywood and tipped them off, in a bid to get the construction stalled.  Classy move nimrod.  I mean, I don't want the thing but that wasn't the way to go about it.  Maybe you should run for mayor of Hollywood.

-  Everyone is always all upset about the Kennedys.  Everyone gets up in arms about the Kennedy family being cursed and whatnot, but I don't buy it.  When everyone in your family is seeking wealth, fame, and power then of course shit it going to happen to you.  They would have been fine if the boys had gone off to become masons and computer programmers and shoemakers like the rest of us.  I don't see anyone capping used car salesmen in downtown Dallas, now are they?  Hell, they could have even been actors.  The Baldwins are all around and they are rich and famous, even though most of them suck balls.

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