Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Four Things

    For those of you who don't know, I recently moved to a different section of the massive Worldwide Headquarters.  No big deal, but it involved packing all my things and having the Unpaid Interns move them down long, dimly lit corridors and up precarious steps to get to where they had to go.  And I have some heavy shit.  So anyway, I have been in the process of unpacking, but the one room where we put most of the boxes has no lights, and I haven't had the opportinity to be home during the daylight hours lately, so many of my things have remained packed away.  That being said, the other night, in the space of about an hour, I found four things that made my life so much more comfortable and convenient for the time being.

1.) Flashlight.  This was the key to it all.  I groped around in the dark because I knew which container contained by flashlights, and it allowed me to begin searching through all the other boxes and packages and whatnot.    It also allows me to see out into the dark outside, or into dark recesses in closets and whatnot.  It's a godsend, mostly because I could see to unpack more of my other things in the darkness.

2.) Clock.  This clock is for my bathroom.  See, I am one of those people who needs clocks everywhere, in every room, in plain sight to I know where and when I need to be where and when I need to be there.  Fine.  Well, the bathroom is particularly important or otherwise in the morning, I will spend way too long in there standing in the shower wondering why I am awake at such a God-awful hour, usually with my head tilted back and my mouth gaping open, which then means if I spend too much time I will drown, and nobody wants to fill out all that paperwork, right?  So that's why I needed the clock, and I needed the flashlight to find the damn thing in the dark.  But now it's on the wall and all is well.

3.) Fan.  This fan is for the bathroom as well.  Every bathroom should have either a window or a fan in it, both is preferable.  Mine is of the window variety, which is fine, but sometimes you need a little help.  So I stumbled upon my little fan that I had used in the kitchen of a past Worldwide Headquarters.  It is only 4 inches in diameter and I got it to sit in the windowsill of the kitchen window and blow cool air in from outside.  Now it is perched in my bathroom to push moisture and odors out the open window.  It never hurts to help nature a little, and that little fan can move a fair amount of air for such a tiny thing.

4.) TV Remote Control.  So important, especially when you are a lazy fat guy.  And I am.  This was the one that I was really pining for, because although I don't have my TV hooked up yet, my DVD player certainly is, and I don't know if you've ever looked at a modern-ish TV and it's accompanying remote, but there is way more functionality built into the remotes, especially in terms of accessing menus.  Plus, I was sick of having to get up every time I wanted or needed to change the volume.  So there it is.  This was the thing I really, really, wanted to find.  To find this was the reason that I went searching for the flashlight.  How about that.  So when I found it I felt as if I were bathed in light and the angels were singing to me from upon high.  It was neat.

I also found my extra couch pillows, which was nice.  And I found my white board, which doesn't really count or anything because I knew where it was, I just had to mount it once I bought some mounting strips.  And the whiteboard is essential, especially if you live with a rommate or family or spouse.  It's great for disseminating information between each other.  I use mine for writing notes about where I have to be or what I have to bring or what I need to do.  It's great, and when I am without it I sometimes wonder how I get by.  But, that being said, I got my four things and life seemed grand.  I can't wait to see what else I discover.

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