Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Bowl XLMCIIVIXXLIV - That Means 44, Right?

Well Company, it is Super Bowl Sunday and I am watching the wrap up from Super Bowl XLIV, which I am pretty sure is the name of a city in the Ukraine, despite them telling my it is Roman Numerals for 44. Leave it to the Romans to use letters as numbers even though the Arabs right next door had a perfectly good system of separate numbers. Anyway, by virtue of their 31-17 victory over the Indianapolis (neƩ Baltimore) Colts, I can type something that I never thought I would be able to type in my lifetime: Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints.
Now, going into this game, I am willing to say that most people were sort of leaning towards the Saints as sentimental and emotional favorites. That being said, 58% of people were picking the Colts as of this morning, so when they had to open their pocketbooks they were laying their Benjamins down on Indy for the most part. And that is fine. I was the same way. I listened to the game on the radio because I am anti-TV (just kidding, I was driving) and so I made sure to catch all the highlights after the game, but when I turned on the TV the highlights hadn't started yet. What was happening on my screen was that the media was interviewing Payton Manning, quarterback for the Colts. And then something strange started to happen.
Much like in a football game, the momentum started to shift. At least within me. There were pictures of Saints fans celebrating everywhere. The analysts on TV were singing about the Saints this and the Saints that. They were screaming "Who dat?" as they jumped on the bandwagon over and over. Manning was being a total class act, but he had this look on his face that was sort of like a mixture of bewilderness and trying not to cry. I had sort of been on that same Saints bandwagon before and during the game but suddenly I was very, very tired of the Black and Gold and I was actually feeling bad for the Indianapolis Colts.
I know, it was strange. It really was. The more I think about it the Colts were really between a rock and a hard place in this game. They really were in a undesirable position. If they win, they beat the popular pick and extend the voodoo curse that has seemed to plague New Orleans for so many years. They quash the hopes and dreams of a city that needed this SO BADLY. Or, they lose and they are the overwhelming favorites getting taken out when everyone had their money on them. Plus, the usual late game heroics that always seem to happen for them just sort of didn't. I guess I don't blame Payton for having the look on his face, because if I were in his shoes I just sort of wouldn't get it anyway. I sort of walked away from the television with a queasy and unsettled feeling in my stomach. It was sort of like we just watched the main character of the movie get killed by the bad guy during the climax of the film.
That being said, I don't begrudge the New Orleans Saints anything, okay? I am happy for them for a lot of reasons. One, yes, that city really needed this after all they have gone through over the last five years or so. Yes, I always like to see a team that had never been to let alone won the Super Bowl get the win. Yes, they totally and completely earned it. The reason that late game Colts magic never showed up was because the Saints wouldn't let it. So good for them, and congratulations to the New Orleans Saints and their fans. Enjoy your victory, you are the defending Super Bowl Champions for the next 365 days or so. Maybe it just seems weird because you've never been this close. Maybe it feels weird because you beat Payton Manning. Maybe it feels weird because I don't live in Louisiana or along the Gulf Coast. Maybe it seems weird because it's like an overturning of the NFL hierarchy. I just don't know. But I bet it feels really good to you. In fact, I know it feels really good to you. So enjoy it. Congratulations to the Super Bowl XLIV Champion New Orleans Saints!

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