Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day (Observed)

I looked on the calendar today, Company, and I saw that it was Presidents Day, which is really officially called Washington's Birthday (Observed). Then I looked around I and found out that nobody really cared.

Well, the Federal employees care, because I am pretty sure they get the day off from work. At least the Post Office folks do. Then, because they are all broke, a lot of the states have joined in, furloughing their employees so they don't have to pay them. Bold strategy. So I guess the state employees care too.

Oh, and the retailers care, because they all seem to be having a sale, which is funny because with nobody having a job anymore and those who do getting a mandatory day off without pay, they can't afford to buy anything, especially not a new mattress, even at deep President's Day discounts.

I thought that maybe the folks at all the George Washington and Abraham Lincoln historical sites, like Mt. Vernon or seemingly all of Springfield, Illinois, would care, but they don't seem to either. See, Presidents Day on today is just when we are told to celebrate George's and Abe's birthdays. Well, Washington was born on February 22, which is still a week away, and Lincoln was born three days ago, well 201 years and 3 days ago to be more precise. So while the Lincoln groupies in Illinois are taking down the crepe paper, the Washington groupies are getting ready to party.

So apparently the only people who really care about Presidents Day are those who either a.) don't have to work or b.) are on sale. Since I have to work I suppose I don't really care, but then again I spent all this time writing about it so maybe I do care a lot more than I let on. Wow, now isn't that a tricky enigma. I just don't know. So cross the Delaware River to watch the Lincoln-Douglass debates or go shopping or do whatever it is you are supposed to do on Presidents Day. Maybe have some cake. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

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