Thursday, February 25, 2010

Falling From Grace

We all eventually fall from grace. It doesn't matter what we do, what we think we should be doing, how long we are the appointed one, or how insignificant the grace might be, we will always take our turn falling from it. It could be something as simple as being good at baseball for a week's worth of games, it could be running a South American country as a dictator for like sixteen years. No matter what, it always happens. Suddenly you can't hit the curve and the fans turn on you. You used to be the man of the people leading you from oppression and now you are standing on your balcony and the masses below look PISSED and that can't be good. Oh, and they have stones, which hurt. I know, because that dick Little Jeffy hit me in the head with one.

So we all fall, and as such we shouldn't really be all that surprised. Yet it always catches us by surprise, and it always hurts. It HURTS! It is almost like we just don't expect it to happen. Well, we can't all be the chosen one all the time Company, so here is what I am telling you: Enjoy it while it lasts, and act in a way that once you aren't on the pedestal anymore, you will be remembered more for how you got there and how you acted there than how you fell from there. That's what I say. Because we all fall from grace sometimes. All of us.

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