Sunday, February 28, 2010

The End of the Month

Well Company, it's February 28, the day that wishes it was Leap Day.  And it marks the end of a lot of things.  It's the end of February, the shortest month.  The stunted month.  It's the end of Black History Month, which no one seemed to notice or particularly care about this year.  It's the end of meteorological winter, which means nothing to anyone except those who collect weather statisitcs.  But it is the first real sign of spring, so that is good.

     And boy do we need it.  I am not sure what it is about February, but it is like the Tuesday of months - there isn't a whole lot to recommend it.  Despite the fact that in the Northern Hemisphere the sun is starting to get up at a nice strong angle, it is the coldest month and while it generally isn't it feels like the cloudiest.  It is the month of cabin fever that is for sure, and if you had Seasonal Affective Disorder, now is the time it would kick in, even though the days are getting longer.  Like, if I were going to nuts and put a few holes in the freezer with a hunting rifle like I was in a Jimmy Buffett song, I think that now is the time I would do it.  During February.
      But, I suppose it's not all bad.  The Olympics have been going on, which are a nice diversion.  And February is nice if you are into winter sports like ice fishing or skiing or snowmobiling.  Valentine's Day has come and gone, which I guess is good for some people, especially those who are on the receiving end of a box of chocolates or something.  So I suppose that is good. 
     So that's it.  February is gone as of the end of the day today, and we are one-sixth of the way into 2010.  How scary is that?  St. Patty's Day is on the horizon, and soon the April showers will be bringing May flowers, and in the Southern Hemisphere the first leaves will be changing wherever it is temperate enough for that to happen.  And the world continues to turn.  And onward into March we go!

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