Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So, this past weekend I had a super vivid dream that I still remember all these days later. Let me tell you about it.
I started out back at my high school, except I was my current age. No problem. I was in French class, learning French, and the bell rang, so we got up to go. But I got delayed talking to the teacher, and by the time I got out of the room passing time was almost over. This was a problem because my high school was sort of laid out like the rays of the sun, with a main hallway and lots of hallways extending off of that one. So if you had class at one end of school and had to be at the other end, there wasn't always enough time, especially if you had to stop at your locker. So anyway, I got out of French class and I had to go to biology. And I didn't want to be late.
So here I am sprinting across school on my way to bio, which for some reason was not where biology was located in my school, and I was passing my friends. Eventually I came upon Friend Steven, who lives in another state and who never went to my high school, and I said "What brings you here? It must be important" to which he responded "Important enough for me to drive halfway across the country."
Interesting. Anyway, I continue to sprint across the school until I get to the biology area, and there are apparently three classrooms from which to choose. I, however, don't know which class to go to because it is the first day of school. I can tell you though that I didn't want Mr. Schaeffer because I was scared that he would be pissed that I was late. So I take my schedule or some sort of piece of paper and I started sticking it under the doorknobs, like scanning it or something, and it was showing up as red if it wasn't my class, until I got to the right classroom and it scanned green. So in I went. It wasn't Mr. Schaeffer's class, thank goodness, but I had some sort of pony tail hippie-sort of teacher. He didn't seem to care that I was late. I talked to him for a minute and then I was transported to a completely unrelated place and time, that had nothing to do with where I had just been or what I had just been doing.
Suddenly I was on a bicycle in some sort of crumbling, hilly town on a cloudy, damp day. The town was called Milladore, which is a town is Wisconsin, except that I pretty much am sure that Milladore doesn't really look like that. Okay. I was riding down these streets that were supposed to be highways, numbered like 230 and 120, and I remember thinking that highway 120 did not go through Milladore. Anyway, these highways were going down streets that were too narrow, and with crumbling pavement, and lots of greenery. Not up to highway standard as I navigated them with my bicycle. But soon I got down from like the heights and I was in the center of town. I navigated to a Highway M where I took a look at a map.
Funny thing happened though when I looked at the map. The tiny dot that stood for Milladore was not on any of the highways that I had just traversed. It was on one of those thin gray lines that said it was far off the beaten path. I was confused, but I was able to tell that I was far, far away from the Worldwide Headquarters. In looking at the map, however, I was able to see that there was a town called Big Dave not too far away. I am not making this up. I thought to myself "I should go to Big Dave" but it was the opposite way from the way I needed to go and I didn't want to have to ride my bike the extra distance, since it was already going to have to be like a 300 mile bike ride for me to get back to the Worldwide Headquarters.
So on this gray, damp day, with rain threatening in that sort of spring or early summer way I started riding on Highway M out of Milladore, past a dark brick building with those thick glass bricks for the windows, and towards a heavy equipment yard. They sold things like backhoes and skid steers and the like, and their lot went on on the left side of the road for what seemed like forever.
And that was it. That was when I woke up. Not from the alarm, not from anything especially special since it was on the weekend, just because, which really pisses me off because there was no closure. It just stopped and I can still remember it so vividly. So vividly, in ways that I can't even explain to you. I can still see it all before my eyes. Strange, isn't it? I think so. But that was my dream, I hope you liked it. Haha, that's nuts. Of course you liked it. Let me know if you figure out what it means.

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BradPerala said...

I had a super vivid dream last night that I got shot in either the head or neck by Chad Rajala (remember him? the pit boss?) I was dying in a parking lot and I woke up. It was crazy!