Tuesday, January 26, 2010

That is Priceless

Company, can we talk about That is Priceless? Great. Now, I follow a lot of blogs as part of my daily existence, mostly because they are entertaining but a little bit because it gives me loads of research and ideas regarding things that I could do here on Big Dave and Company. Blogs like Enter the Man Cave. And I will be honest, a lot of these blogs I discover while I am obsessively checking Blogger's "Blogs of Note" so see if they have yet woken up and realized that I am great and deserve to be a Blog of Note (they haven't, but that's for a different day). Well, That is Priceless is one of those that I discovered while surfing the Bogs of Note and I have to tell you, it's fantastic.
Now, I follow a lot of these other ones, and I read religiously when they update things, but there aren't a whole lot that I excitedly check to see what they have to offer today. I am sorry, that's just the way it is folks. Well, That is Priceless is one of those that my tail starts wagging when I think about what they might have for me today. Allow me to explain, please.
That is Priceless is a blog on which they take a historical masterpiece of art from whenever, usually the 1600s or 1700s or 1800s and they give it a more, appropriate title for today's world. Like, they take a look at the painting and think "Man, what does it look like that guy or gal is doing?" And that is the new title they give it. The answers that come out include things like "Cinderella Silently Cursing Her Temp Agency" and "Aphrodite Using Her 9 Iron Out of A Water Hazard." HILARIOUS! Well, maybe not so much here. I guess you've got to be there.
You really need to go check this out. You have to be looking at the painting and reading the caption all together to get the full effect of That is Priceless. I just can't get enough. There are like 105 posts, give or take, and they do a new one every day, just like I am supposed to but never do. So there is a lot of stuff to look at but I still find myself wanting more and more and more. So go look at it, and you will love it just as much. Maybe, but I hope so. But go look at it because, hey, it's worth a look.

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