Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

To continue with last year's tradition, here are some handy predictions for the upcoming year 2010:

1.) David Hasselhoff will become wildly popular in the country of Romania.

2.) You will become curious about Yo Gabba Gabba, watch it, then immediately want to shoot yourself.

3.) Your toilet will back up and you will be PISSED when the water goes all over the floor.

4.) Somewhere in Minnesota, and old lady's flowers will bloom and then die when the last spring blizzard of the year sweeps in from Canada.

5.) A 14-year-old girl will squeal at a Miley Cyrus concert. Her 40-year-old father who brought her there will also be very excited in the next seat over, but in a very different sort of way.

6.) You will not make it to out to see Plymouth Rock for the 8th year in a row.

7.) Somewhere, high above the Russian forest, a spy satellite will snap a picture that upon review turns out to show nothing but trees and shrubs and maybe a rock or two.

8.) People will buy Beatles albums even though they haven't made a record since the 60s

9.) Michael Jackson won't go away even though he's dead. Just wait, he is going to be sighted all over the world just like Elvis was.

10.) A child will do something to make you deeply embarrassed, even though it is not your child.

11.) Sixteen plus four will continue to equal twenty.

12.) Some form of American health care bill will be passed, and nobody will be happy regardless of what it says.

13.) The crazy psychos will ramp up their world ending in 2012 bullshit to a whole new level. I bet at least one group will drink the punch before the year ends.

14.) No one will be able to figure out if we are in the last year of the first decade or the first year of the second decade.

15) Big Dave and Company will wish you good tidings for 2010 before the year is out.

Happy New Year everyone, best wishes to you and yours from Big Dave and Company!

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