Saturday, January 23, 2010

Building Castles in the Sand

Every once in a while I get idea in my head that I am going to sit down at my computer, crack my knuckles by joining my fingers together and pushing my hands outward in a sort of inside-out way like a pianist sitting down to begin the big recital, and then I am going to write a blog post based on nothing more than a phrase that is stuck in my head. Sometimes it's like, okay, I have the phrase in my brain but there is some sort of concept backing it, and sometimes it is much less substantial, and that phrase is just there and I end up trying to write a blog post based basically on the title. So when I got the phrase "building castles in the sand" in my head completely out of nowhere I sort of knew that was what I was going to end up doing. Great.
Soooo...where do we go from here? I mean, I am sure that I could get into the whole meaning behind that colloquialism and get into whatever that means, but that seems to me like a lot of work. I toyed with the idea of calling it that and then finding a current, ongoing, real-world situation that fit the bill but then I decided that was like, well, just a little bit too predictable, at least from me. You would totally expect that to come from my mouth, or fingers as it were.
Well, I can't just talk about actually building sand castles, can I? I can't talk about going down to the beach in Florida or Cape Cod with my little plastic shovel and bucket in my onesie and building a nice castle with some turrets, walls, a moat, and maybe a drawbridge if I can find some sticks or something. I can't just drone on and on about that, can I? I mean, I suppose I could get a little deeper into it, give more detail, talk about the waves crashing lazily on the shore, the people wandering by as they stroll the beach, and all the while me not noticing any of it because I am transfixed on my work. I would describe it as being similar to a sculptor practicing his art in the middle of a busy city plaza as the people and noise and traffic whizzed by his as he was oblivious to it all. I could do that.
Oooh, oooh! I could ramp it up a notch and like introduce a bully, or some little bastard kids who stomp my sand castle while I am going to get some lemonade. Or maybe a flock of smokin' hot babes walks by and totally starts laughing at me because I am such a sand castle maestro, which really equates to dorky nerd. That would be a neat although rather expected twist. And the hot hotties show up much better in my mind than they would through my words I assure you. So maybe not so much with that. I could get all emo as I stand back and watch the tide come in and slowly eat away at and completely destroy my day's work. Hey! I could turn it into some kind of social commentary where I have to come back the next day and build it all again, go through all the pleasure and pain once again just to see it all washed away while I stand there helpless. That would be great, and the literary types would be SO into it. It would work nicely with the title, wouldn't it?
Yes, yes, that would work nicely. And I might even win an award, although I would feel awfully pretentious. For some reason I would rather be one of those people who just wrote about something random and then a million billion people read way too much into it and then I could sit in interviews and say "No, it's really just about sand castles." and no one would believe me than to be the dillhole sitting there going "Yeah, well really I tried to pack it with symbolism about the struggle within working class parents who have trouble combining the restraints of being part of the workforce and limitation of being a parent." Yeah, that's just not me. So I guess I can't do that in order to write my post about building castles in the sand.
But what if I just write the whole thing about how to go about writing the whole thing? Wouldn't that be genius? I mean, you would never see it coming until you were knee deep in the whole thing. Company, I think that's fantastic. I understand that I have totally pulled this trick before, but I am willing to bet that you don't remember that. I love this idea. It's sneaky, it's not terribly hard, it's just happened. Great. We will go with that, and I think we have a winner in it's own little sort of way. I will tell you this though, I've gotta stop trying to write posts based on titles.

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