Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sujata Sachdeva, You Are Getting Us All Riled Up

I have been trying for a long time to create an old axiom in the blogging community that says the blogs that you think are the most ordinary will be the ones that elicit the most comment. I am not sure if it has caught on yet but I am trying. Anyway, if there is one thing that I have learned in the six hundred-odd posts I have written is that it is true. If I think a post is great, no one else will. If I think a post is ordinary and maybe I sort of phoned it in a little bit, it will be wildly popular. Or at least it will generate a lot of comments. And so it goes with Sujata Sachdeva.
A week or so ago I took some time to write about the exploits of Sujata Sachdeva, the Milwaukee-area business executive who was accused of diverting millions of dollars of Koss Corp. money to feed her extensive shopping habits. At the time I wrote about how those investigating thought she had stolen about $4 million over a two year span or so in order to pay off the credit card bills she rang up at area stores buying cloths and jewelry. Well, since then, as authorities have dug a little deeper, they have estimated it at more like $20 million since 2006, which would be more like four years. Okay.
While all that was happening I was writing about how I was stunned that she never really seemed to cover up her crimes, although now that it seems she got away with it for a much longer times maybe she did. Anyway, my thoughts on her story generated not a lot of comments but a lot of comments for the amount we usually get here at Big Dave and Company, including the inevitable comment that I did not say but I admit I agreed with that she probably, somewhere in her sub-conscious, wanted to get caught for what she is doing. Uh oh.
Yeah, I didn't say it but I agreed, and so someone who is a little closer to the case who read about what I had to say (small world on this Internet, isn't it?) who came up with the following comment: "Who are you to say anything? You don't know the story. My store sold clothing to her monthly and I know she didn't want to get caught...or she would have many months earlier."
Now, I don't know who this comment was aimed at, myself or the person whose comment this directly followed, but I took the liberty of being deeply angry about and completely offended by this comment. I did, however, read this comment shortly before bedtime, and I had the good sense to take some time to think about it, sleep on it, and see what I though after some contemplation.
That was some days ago I have to admit, so I've been considering this comment for quite a while. And I hate to admit it, especially not here for everyone to see, but the more I think about it, the more I think you are right kmf2. Especially when we find out how long and how much this has been going on I think you are right, and less I sort of want to find a bright side in Sujata Sachdeva.
See, I was doing something that people almost always do, and that was to sort of want the person who is very obviously guilty to sort of be not quite as guilty. It is almost like we feel better about ourselves by trying to be nice about the naughty people, so we automatically slip into this mode where we try to make excuses for people. I mean, she was a community leader and gave a lot of time and money to a rash of good causes. Well, that stops right now. She's guilty as sin and she should be punished to the fill extent of the law. If you take a minute to do the figures, she STOLE twice as much each year as Koss Corp MADE in 2009. That's mind boggling. Think about how much difference that would have made in the world of Koss, if their profits were increased by 150%. That is a gigantic difference. So throw the book at her, and give all of her clothes to the poor. That would teach her.
Here is the thing though; here is the thing about the comment that still sort of gets my feathers up. The commenter was right, in my now revised and rethought opinion, and that is fine. Congratulations. The problem that I have is in the very first line: "Who are you to say anything?" Well I am no one, but that doesn't matter, okay? No, I don't have inside information, I only know what I read in the papers. So maybe I don't know all the inside details but you know what? I don't recall ever trying to bring up facts. If I remember correctly I was stating my opinion, and even though I am just some schmoe it is still my opinion, whether it is correct or properly guided or based in reality. It doesn't matter, because it is my opinion and quite frankly, just because I didn't sell Sujata any of her embezzlement clothes doesn't mean that I don't have the right to say what I think, or agree what I think. I didn't take issue with the guy who said she made it through Marquette Law School via affirmative action even though I don't necessarily agree. I respected his right to his opinion. And I am not taking stabs at you for having an opinion that is different from mine, in fact I have come around to agree. I am just taking issue with how you presented it.
That being said, I am over reacting to this. I know that. I am a grown adult throwing a sort of written temper tantrum, and I need to settle down and get over myself. And in all honesty although I am sort of picking on you kmf2, I really do appreciate your comment. Again, I have come to agree with you. But this is the fun of commenting, it creates debate and stimulates conversation. Can you tell that I am extremely worried that people will stop commenting now that I have done this? And this has certainly done so. So thank you, I am over myself now. Plus, I don't think you meant it to come off that way. Oh damn, there I go again, trying to make nice all the time.

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