Monday, December 07, 2009

A Struggling Writer

Do you want to know how I struggle, Company? Let me give you a great example. For those of you who have never used Blogger before, there are two ways to go about making your posts. You can directly put in the html code to make the posts appear the way you want them too, which I suppose is nice if you know anything about html or just like writing in programming languages. Then there is "compose" mode, which is for people like me and functions sort of like Microsoft Word but without all the extra annoying features. It just lets one choose their font, size, color, etc. as you type. Most of these functions are not present on the html editor toolbar because, well, you can just put in the html code to take care of that stuff.
Well, for the last week or so I have been wondering why a lot of the functions on my toolbar were missing. I mean, my posts still came out okay but I could do the things I normally do. I even checked out a lot of Blogger help resources and was about this close (picture someone standing with their thumb and forefinger spaced about an inch apart) to writing them an e-mail to find out what was wrong. Imagine my frustration with myself when I realized I had been using the html editor instead of the "Compose" mode for the whole time. Yeah, I struggle.

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