Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Does His Job

We sort of felt bad for Santa. He was dressed up and doing a great job, and he had his usual assistant. However, there were no kids. None that we could see anyway. It was the second busiest shopping day of they year, and since in this little town there is not proper mall, Santa had set up shop in one of the friendly local grocery stores. He was Ho Ho Ho-ing at someone, and the assistant was saying "He can't take his eyes off you" but again, there were no kids to be found.
All of us Unpaid Interns were there, and for a split second we thought that they were talking about us because we were looking at Santa on his throne. But we weren't so much staring at him as sort of using those non-evil shift eyes because, well, we are Unpaid Interns and we didn't want to seem uncool. You know, when you don't get out of the Worldwide Headquarters very often you don't have too many opportunities to make a good impression. So there we were, trying to find out who was looking at Santa Claus and the leading candidate seemed to be an equally sized group of senior citizens. And one chap who might have been learning disabled in some way. So that was it, unless there was like a little dog in the friendly local grocery store that we couldn't see down below the fruit trays, which would have been strange and certainly unsanitary.
So we went about filling our shopping list, since Big Dave gave us a dorm fridge, toaster oven, and hot plate (all used by the way) for the Christmas holiday and now we could have our own food in our rooms instead of the cold sandwiches we always get served in the Worldwide Headquarters cafeteria and we got to talking about how we sort of felt bad for Santa, sitting there with no kids to come and make their wishes. Seriously, there he was all in the spirit and raring to go and there was nothing but a bunch of old skids and bitter Unpaid Interns there to see him and we came the consensus that if any of us were in his shoes, we'd be wondering why we were even bothering.
Well, we got our answer. On the way out of the store, seven steps into the parking lot, a family passed by. The man was carrying his precious twelve-pack of Miller Lite, the woman was pushing the cart, and in the cart seat was a little girl, maybe three, possibly four, and undeniably pretty. The other two were talking about something else but she had only one thing on her mind: Santa. She must have seen him, because she was indiscriminately singing his name out into the cold afternoon air. There was an undeniable joy in her voice, in her eyes, in her being. Well, turns out that is what being Santa Claus is all about. That is what Christmas is all about. So Merry Christmas little girl, may you get everything your heart desires from Santa and his reindeer. And his Elves too. And the same to you. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all from the Unpaid Interns. May the season bring you nothing but happiness.

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