Sunday, December 20, 2009

Days of the Week

Well, it's Sunday, which you probably can't tell because well, there aren't dates that come with posts anymore. It's not that I can't figure out how to make it happen with this great new look (I can for as much as you know) it's just that my posts are timeless and don't need to be shackled by dates. Yeah, that sounds good; that's what we will go with. Anyway, it's Sunday, and I am watching football, and later I will watch Sunday Night Football. Tomorrow I will watch Monday Night Football. That makes sense. right? I thought so. So one would expect that I watched Saturday Night Football last night as the super evil Dallas Cowboys beat the previously unbeaten New Orleans Saints. Nay. I was watching Thursday Night Football. Wait, what?
No, no. It wasn't some sort of voodoo DVR or VCR magic, although that's a pretty good guess. I mean, that is the first thing that I probably would have thought as well, and it certainly would have been the easiest way to make that happen. Unfortunately, not everyone has DVR capabilities. I know, it is quite the sad situation. Happily though, the good folks at the NFL Network, who have managed to hijack several games a season to hoard them away from the general viewing public, have provided for all of us who can't confuse time with a DVR by airing Thursday Night Football on Saturday night.
So, if you haven't figured out what I am talking about yet, the NFL Network aired a football game on Saturday night and proceeded to brand it as "Thursday Night Football: Special Edition" which is the stupidest fucking thing that I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of stupid things. I apologize for my crude language but I think it was warranted. Thursday Night Football, which NFL Network has features for like the last two or three years only, is not a well known enough brand for you to be able to pull that off, okay? That's just the way it is, okay? You aren't Monday Night Football. You aren't Saturday Night Live. Those are about the only specific day related television brands that can pull a move like that. Saturday night live on a Thursday can still be Saturday Night Live, but it doesn't work the other way for Thursday Night Football. It's not a unique or established enough product for that to work.
I want to know what executive at the NFL Network green lighted that idea and I want to backhand him. Or her. Because it shows an awful lot of hubris, and a lot of stupidity, and a stunning detachment with reality, for that to go ahead. Not only for that to go ahead but for them to blatantly and shamelessly plaster it all over the place. It's really quite appalling, and so, so completely stupid. I mean, just call it NFL Network Saturday Night Football Special or something like that. That is something that everyone can understand. Not, apparently, in whatever reality the NFL Network folks are living, which if you know anything about the history of the NFL Network you will understand is not the same reality in which the rest of us are living. How does this sound for the next NFL game on Saturday night: Thursday Night Football Special Edition with Sunday Morning Pregame Show Special Hosted by the Monday Morning Quarterback Crew On Special Assignment. I can only assume that right now someone at the NFL Network is furiously scribbling that load on nonsense on a little notepad so they can be the big star at the next meeting with the network big wigs. Oh, and Roger Goodell just had to wipe the cream out of his pants. Don't forget about that part.
This is just the dumbest thing, and I don't understand why they did it. I really don't. All it did was make me angry every time the graphic showed, and I desperately wanted to go dial it in on the AM radio where they are more sensible and they just call Saturday Night Football, well...Saturday Night Football. Makes sense to me. And it makes sense to just about everyone else, which is why no one at the NFL gets it. I guess it's time to rename the "No Fun League" the "Needs Flip-calendar League." Because they really need help with the days of the week.

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