Friday, December 04, 2009

The Big Dave and Company Book

Well Company, I don't know if you've noticed but there has been an important change to the Filing Cabinet here at Big Dave and Company. The Filing Cabinet is the archive where you can go to check out all the old blog posts from the whole entire history of posts. How cool is that? Well, usually it is organized by year and month, so like you can go back and check out all the posts from September of 2008 and decide if there is one you would like to read. But recently, as in yesterday, it changed to be sorted by weeks, so like if you want to see everything from the week April 19-26, 2009 then you can do that. And there is a very important reason for this change.
You see, Company, recently the good folks at Blogger partnered up with a site called Blog2Print that will take my blog posts (or anyone's, really) and make it into a book, for a small fee of course. So that is what we want to, to put a little part of Big Dave and Company into print for, well, for posterity I suppose. But here is the deal: we can't afford to print every post, that would be nuts. It would have to come out in volumes and be sold on late nite television infomercials in volumes like Time Life Books or door to door by men in white shirts and skinny ties like encyclopedias or something. So no dice. We are only going to print select posts for this epic volume.
But there's a catch. I mean, there's always a catch, right? See, anybody can go ahead and just pick reader and staff favorites to put into print form, you know what I mean? Just think about how many "Greatest Hits" albums and "Readers Digest Condensed Books" there are floating around your local Goodwill. Well, we are not anybody, we are us, and we can never do things the easy way. So what we here at Big Dave and Company have decided to do is to publish one week worth of posts in our book, all from the same book. Sort of like a "The Best Week of Big Dave and Company" book that can sit in a hermetically sealed glass case at the entrance to the Worldwide Headquarters. Oh, and maybe in the Library of Congress. Yeah, that would be cool.
Anyway, we think that you should pick. At a long, drawn out, and physically challenging staff meeting we have been able to whittle down our selections to ten weeks out of all the previous weeks of Big Dave and Company, and we want you to choose which week deserved to be published. Just vote in the poll on the website or write in to and we will go ahead and get it published. Sound good? We understand this is a huge undertaking on your part and might involve either a.) lots of reading or b.) lots of throwing darts while blindfolded on your basement so we are giving you until the first of the year. So please vote in the poll or at because we always like to have reader input. We have always said that the posts we write that WE think are great are usually flops in YOUR eyes, and posts that we think are pedestrian are often your favorites. So vote between the ten options or write in a week of your own. Or even just write in with some suggestions of your favorite posts. We'd love to hear from you. And we'd love to have your help. Rock the vote!

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