Thursday, November 05, 2009

Susie, Susie Q, Where Are You?

I have been having a lot of wonderings lately. Like, I have been wondering all sorts of stuff. Most of these sort of random wonderings have been fleeting, like I have them and I do my best to hold on to them and then WHAM! they are gone off to somewhere like a bird that just flew out the window and is now hiding somewhere out in the neighborhood. Well, there has been one that has just sort of stuck around without leaving. It came when I saw a name on a screen at bowling. Then it sort of went away. Then I saw a face at a restaurant today and it came flying back like an out of control paraglider sailing towards a tiki bar at a Costa Rican beach resort. And that wondering was this:

Susie, Susie Q, Where are you?

Yeah, when you read that you should have immediately kicked into the theme music from Scooby Doo. That was intentional. I was thinking it when I typed it into my keyboard. I have been thinking it since I saw that name. I sang it in my head the whole time that I saw that lady's face. But Susie Q, I do wonder where are you. Long, long ago we parted ways as you went off to the sunny sunniness of Florida. Then, a short time later I moved off from the Frozen Tundra to another Frozen Tundra in a different place. Are you in Florida still? Are you in Maryland? I sort of have a feeling you might be living in Maryland or Virginia or California or somewhere ending in Carolina or maybe in Colorado or somewhere like that. I wonder, I just wonder.
What are you doing with yourself? Have you been out on a boat in the ocean? Maybe you parasailed like the the guy in the analogy above. Have you gotten lost in a bad part of town? I can totally imagine that, especially after the railroad track incident. I hope you have made new friends, some people to share your legendary stories with? I just want to know, I am seriously wondering about all these things.
How about your grandchildren. I know that is why you went. How are they? Are they growing up as quickly as I think that they are? I bet they are just little balls of energy and they just wear you out every day. My niece does that to me and I only see her for like a day or two at a time. She is cute though, they all are.
So I wonder about all of these things. I wish I could get some answers, from you, from someone else, from fate, from whomever. Enquiring minds want to know, you know? So send me a sign, Susie Q, as to what you are up to, or else that Scooby Doo song will never get out of my head.

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