Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sifting Through the DVR

I came home from work today and decided to take a Wildcat day and just relax and watch Tv tonight. Since there was absolutely nothing appetizing on any of the eleventy billion or so channels that we got, so I turned to my DVR. Here is what I had to choose from:

Seconds From Disaster: Alpine Tsunami A strange pileup of coincidences creates a once-in-a-lifetime avalanche that buries an Austrian town in 1999, including a large part that scientists had declared safe. There was lots of footage and some cool interviews and even a miraculous survival that brought hope to everyone. This was the first thing that I watched.

Seconds From Disaster: 1972 Olympic Hostage Crisis Same series as above, this one featured a limping American man getting help reading German to determine what went wrong when the Germans tried and failed to rescue nine Israeli Olympic athletes taken hostage at the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich by members of the Palestinian radical group Black September. He figured it out, and there were A LOT of things that went wrong with the whole operation. It was intensely interesting and I am sorry that I erased it when I was done because it will probably never come back around again.

The Universe: Science Fiction, Science Fact Astronomists and physicists and other scientists bitch about how Hollywood movies and science fiction books aren't realistic compared to what actually goes on in space. But they also get raging, mega-hard boners thinking about what it would be like if that stuff could really happen. And yeah, I totally watched it from start to finish.

The Universe: Strangest Things The same scientists from above examine the strangest phenomena in the universe, which is full of weird stuff. So this is like the proverbial cream of the crop. I didn't watch it but I will eventually. They talk about the same beer clouds that I did. Pretty cool, hey? Where is my Doctorate?

Top Gear Yeah, this is my favorite show. I am a slave to this show. I have a man crush on it, except that I get physically excited when it comes on so maybe it's more of a creepy obsession that I should get checked out by a professional. It does have a cult following around the world and while this episode it not one of my favorites I will still watch it when I want to. And I will want to.

Good Eats: The Once and Future Fish Alton Brown messes around with farm-grown trout. And then he probably cooks one or two. I love Good Eats because Alton doesn't just do stuff, he tells you why you have to do things. Having that deeper understanding, if you like take notes or have a good memory or watch time and time again, helps you be an infinitely better cook all around. That is because you learn the concepts behind it all. And you are entertained while doing it. Now that's good eats. Sorry Alton, I ripped off your catch phrase. I haven't watched this yet but I will eventually.

The League LOVE IT! This is the first episode of this new series on FX and I actually watched it a couple of days ago but saved it because it was THAT GOOD. Okay, it's wasn't that good overall, but it was perfect for a guy like me. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of guys like me so I am sure it will go off the air in like sixty-four seconds. I am going to have to keep this thing saved for future re-consumption.

MacGyver: Phoenix Under Seige Ahhh...MacGyver. If you read this blog on even a semi-regular basis you know how I love MacGyver. In fact, season one of this show is the only season of any show that I own on DVD. So yeah, this is pretty serious. The Pheonix Foundation is under seige by someone. MacGyver saves the day. That is all you need to know. This hasn't been watched yet but will be eventually I assure you.

Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny Yeah, I really like Tenacious D but even this movie goes a bit far for my tastes sometimes. That being said, I did record it and I will watch it, I just have trouble committing two hours to lie in my bed while doing anything other than sleeping or, well, you know. So I haven't watched it yet. But pretty soon the mood will strike me and I will give it a go and laugh and feel bad but I will still laugh some more when I am done. I mean, it's Tenacious D, right?

So that is my DVR as of last night, which is pretty light I know. Usually there is more waiting for me to see but I have been doing a pretty good job of keeping it pared down so I have space to record other things that I might need to. I mean, that's what the DVR is all about, right? That and making sure I never miss any curling. HAHAHAHA! Happy viewing!

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