Thursday, November 12, 2009

The NBA Season

So...the National Basketball Association (NBA) season has begun and is in full swing, and I couldn't care less. Seriously. And to prove it, here is a list of things that I care about more than I care about the current NBA season, in no particular order.

- growing asparagus

- Chinese checkers

- the population of Amsterdam

- fried chicken

- my cholesterol

- how Funyons are made

- what happened to you today at work

- the square root of 491

- how to type accent marks on a PC

- Pink Floyd

- Daylight Savings Time in Australia

- how to break open a coconut

- The Hills

- fireworks

- Bill Clinton

- the price of a can of pears

- if the posters in my room are level

- Darfur

- Nicole Kidman

- 2009 third quarter profit for International Harvester

- paper jams in the copier

And that's just a small sampling of the things that I care about more than the 2009-2010 NBA season, or any season really except for 2000-2001. That one was pretty cool. Other then that, I don't care a whole lot. I actually care more about the nutritional value of broccoli. How do you feel about that, David Stern?


Mikealicious said...

I think this is my fav. blog post this year. Very funny!

Lady Rebecca said...

So, you care enough to write about a blog about how little you care? You just blew my mind.

Big Dave said...

Well, we are all about blowing minds. Maybe I care a little more than I let on. Maybe it is always on my TV. Maybe I just thought it would be hilarious and get comments like the one from Mikealicious. I guess you'll never know...

B-Town said...

Sorry, I have to agree with Lady Rebecca on this one.