Friday, November 20, 2009

The Fifteenth Annual John Madden Football Coaching Camp

Last weekend, I went to the fifteenth annual John Madden football coaching camp. Here, in honor of Adrianne, are eight things I learned:

1.) "You see, when the ball is set on the right hash mark, the part of the the field to the right of the ball is shorter than the part to the left. That's why they call that the short side of the field."

2.) "When you have a defensive player that is making tackles in the backfield, then the offense is probably going to lose yards on that play."

3.) "After the game, when you look at how your team did on fourth down, that will tell you how many times you turned the ball over on downs."

4.) "See, when you are scoring a lot more points than the other guys, your defense has to give up less points than you are scoring. That's how you win football games."

5.) "Oh yeah, it's great. It's like your normal turkey, except it's got seven legs. See, you've got a leg here, here, here, and here, and a leg here, here, and here."

6.) "The running back has to run in the hole, not here or here, because that's where the defenders are and you have to run away from the defenders."

7.) "Brett Favre."

8.) "Sometimes, when you can't tell if it's a first down or not, you have bring out a measurement. That's what Ed Hocchuli is doing right now."


BradPerala said...

I have a coworker who misses John Madden because of the way he explains things during the game. I particularly liked the turkey legs parts you mentioned

Big Dave said...

Thank you very much. :0