Monday, November 16, 2009

Checking In

Well Company, it's been awhile, so let's check in as to what is going on with some of our favorite friends of Big Dave and Company, shall we? - Jessica has up and looking good. And I do mean good. Every time I visit her site I get hungry for a big plate of 5-way or a super messy chili cheese dog, which I will most likely be banned for calling it. Anyway, if there is something happening in the world of Cincinnati chili, or any of the things upon which it can be heaped, Jessica will be on it. Keep up the good work, Jessica! - Now, I know that Tard-blog does not seem like it is a cool and politically correct thing to endorse, but I can't help it because it is hilarious. Unfortunately, the original writer for Tard-blog, the incomparable Riti Sped, has moved on in her life and the blog is still sort of spinning its wheels and looking for a new writer. The old stuff is still golden though, so check it out!

The Coach Blog - There has been nothing posted on The Coach Blog since November 30, 2007.

Living in Limbo...I. Go. Wild. - Not a lot coming from Banking Planes since she has gotten settled in with her new job in her new city. Good for her. All of us here at Big Dave and Company wish her nothing but the best!

The Bump Experiment - The week of the Bump Experiment has come and gone, and I noted it. Unfortunately the folks at The Bump Experiment did not. And still haven't. That can't be good. And I can't imagine that if the one who came up with it didn't have the time to note it, not many other people did either. I hope it was a success though; it was a good idea. Oh well. Maybe the folks at The Bump Experiment will let us know how it turned out sometime in the near future.

One Red Paperclip - Since Kyle MacDonald was able to trade his one red paperclip into a house in 2006, he has decided now to trade the house and sort of start again. It's not that he doesn't like or appreciate the house, in fact he seems to have a high reverence for the house and the town in which it sites, Kipling, Saskatchewan. He isn't sure yet what he wants to trade the house for, but he is open to suggestions. If you have something in mind go to his site and let him know. Good luck, Kyle!

Fake Interviews with Real Celebrities
- I should start a blog called "Real Interviews with Fake Celebrities" which is not far from what Big Dave and Company is to be honest. Anyway, Wendy is still plugging away on Twitter and on her other blog on Tumblr and is also probably pretty busy becoming famous. At least once that happens I can still say that I gave her her first award. Or at least close to her first.

Mind Junk - Not a whole lot of quantity coming out of Mink Junk lately, but that's okay. When we do get another list, it is always dead-on awesome. It consistently rates an eight. Out of eight, of course.

Oh, brother - New to our stable of blog friends. Check it out, it's good.

That's it for now. We will keep you updated as our friends keep us updated. Sound like a plan?

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