Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Bump Experiment

Well Company, you might remember how, many, many moons ago when we were first starting out together I brought to your attention a really cool concept called The Bump Experiment. If you don't remember here is a little refresher: The Bump Experiment is a grand attempt to make the world a better place through a week of coordinated, not-exactly-random acts of kindness. We are not talking about Secret Millionaire here people, it's small things. In the words of Billy Von Schriltz, founder of The Bump Experiment, it's "simply opening a door for someone, saying a kind word, volunteering for a worthy cause, adopting an animal from a shelter, or by simply giving of our time or your money to someone or an organization in need." The key is that we all do it on at the same time. The idea is that for one week, if we all engage in these kinds of activities the world will be a better place. If we all do it together it will raise our collective consciousness and make a difference. Isn't this a wonderful idea?
"So what's the point in all this, Big Dave?" I can hear you asking. Well, the point is that Billy has been pushing this idea since at least June 2008; probably much longer and the week of The Bump Experiment is upon us. As to why he picked November 2-8, 2009 I do not profess to know. But he did. So starting tomorrow I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE everyone to be part of The Bump Experiment. It's really easy; just do nice things for the people around you. And if we all do nice things for the nice people out there it will make a noticeable difference. What is the old proverb? Every journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Let's all take the step together this week, like lemmings. Or cult members.
Now, I know that there are skeptics out there. I know that you are ready, willing, and able to tear this whole concept. I can see you right now, sitting at your desk or in your recliner (sweet recliner by the way) with mounds of one-liners and pesky facts as to why this is a stupid idea. I know, I have thought of every single thing that you are going to say, for I have a skeptic's mind as well. But the more I thought about it, the more that I applied the grey matter to things, the clearer things became. I came to a realization. If you like big words you could call it an epiphany, even though that is a shorter word than realization. Anyway, what I came to see is that despite all the things that you are about to unleash on The Bump Experiment, Mr Skeptic, is that it doesn't matter. What is it going to hurt? Will the world be a better place if during the course of a week an old lady gets a door opened for her, Mikealicious cuts a check to support an after school program, or PePe goes down and adopts another dog from the shelter? Maybe. Maybe not. But it certainly won't be worse off if Guy H of Sand River, MI spends the afternoon picking up litter along the highway or Foxy Roxy takes some canned goods down to the Food Pantry, will it? It's like betting on black on roulette where there are only black numbers on the wheel. You can not lose. And you know what else? Even if you don't change the world at least you can make the lives and worlds of the people immediately around you a little better, and you never know where that will lead. The radiator that heats The Worldwide Headquarters in the winter only comes in contact with a small area of air around it, but that air warms the air next to it and that the air next to it, plus it all circulates around until the whole room is affected. And so with people. They affect the people on the other side of them. They mix around with many others. How do you think disease spreads so quickly?
So here is the deal people: Starting tomorrow do nice little things as you go through your life. And get your family and friends to do the same thing. You will be amazed at how big of an effect it can have if everyone gets involved. It's The Bump Experiment. Try it out. I know I will be. And so will the unpaid interns.

P.S. If you are one of those people who loves Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, go to The Bump Experiment and read about how this whole thing got started. Like where he got the idea and where is inspiration came from. You will love it.

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