Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stranger In My House

There is a stranger in my house tonight; I can see him as I sit here at the dining room table frantically typing out this blog post for you tonight. No Company don't worry. Don't go calling the police or mounties to get out here to the Worldwide Headquarters on your cell phone to help save me, it's not like there is some weird unknown person creeping through the grand halls and galleries and back rooms of the joint, it's just me, alone in the dining room.
Contrary to what Mike-a-licious wants you and your loved ones to believe, I am fully clothed in ruby red windpants with a burn hole in them from one time when I wore them to a bonfire, a shirt proudly proclaiming my alma mater that in the years since graduation has acquired a hideous looking grease stain that just won't come out and that sort of looks like I wiped someone's bottom with it, and a hat. Yeah, I am wearing this God-awful cheap tropical-looking full-brimmed hat that I got when playing in a band at the Amber Part of Samber's birthday party years and years ago. There is no reason why I should be wearing this hat on an unusually cold October night, but I am, because I found it in my bedroom and just sort of wanted to have it on my head.
I know, that's weird. That's strange. I know Company, I understand that I am a little strange sometimes, you don't have to recoil in horror at the thought of me. Because you are strange too, Company. We all are, and it's totally okay. That's the nice thing about being at home, hanging out in your own abode, you can be a little quirky and a tad strange. You can wear a goofy hat around in the middle of the week for no reason. You can wear gym shorts and a dress shirt if that if your sort of thing. You can do whatever you want, within reason. You want to sit on the middle cushion of the couch and juggle stress balls? That's fine, have at it. You want to act out plays with yourself? Strange, but harmless. Slowly whittle down stick after stick into nothing? Sure, but be careful not to cut yourself.
Here is the deal, Company, we all have these quirky little idiosyncrasies that define us and help make us a person but that we would NEVER EVER want to go about doing in public, and that's okay. So long as you aren't doing something like skewering rodents or something it is cool. There is nothing wrong with being a little strange in your own home, that is why it is your own private space. Be strange and don't be ashamed of it. Knit yourself some new toe-socks. Be you there is nothing wrong with that. You are just a little bit of a stranger in your own house.

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