Thursday, October 01, 2009

Podcast Ignorance

So, I took a half hour or so out of my day today, and I sat down with a relatively cheap pair of headphones and a relatively expensive computer and I listened to the fifth installment of the Big Dave and Company Podcast. I can tell that you are unimpressed, Company, because in your mind that is a relatively commonplace thing. But it's not, okay? That's the point here. I don't usually listen to our podcasts when they come out.
Hello, hi, good morning. Are you okay? Welcome back. I know that was stunning news but I never in a million years thought you would faint. I guess that the news was far more shocking than I ever expected it to be. But it's true. I generally don't listen to the Big Dave and Company Podcast, which comes out every Thursday here at Big Dave and or on iTunes (shameless plug!) I catch a fair amount of flack for this, especially lately by the wonderful people who tune in every week. They wonder why I don't so it. It's funny they say; it's entertaining. Well that's good, I am glad. It's supposed to be funny. I want you to be entertained. I want everyone else to listen, I just don't do it myself.
That's not true. Well, not totally true. Mike-a-licious and I usually listen to a raw, uncut version of the podcast immediately after we have finished recording it, just to see if there are any changes that we want to make, or if there is anything that we immediately want to edit while we are still in the studio. And that is enough for me. I don't feel the need to listen to the finished product because I can hear everything that I need to change or work on when we listen to that rough cut. I don't need to hear, the neat, tidy, ironed-out version. It's not that I don't appreciate the hard work that Mike-a-licious does to edit and work on the podcast to get it put together for release, it's not that I don't want to hear the fruits of his labors. I just don't feel like I have to listen to check it out; I trust in the quality of his work. I know it's going to be good the minute it gets turned over to his hands, that's the honest truth. Knowing that, before I even walk out of the studio I am thinking about the next week. That's the luxury that I have.
So, aside from all that, and I know this will make me seem like an ass, but I have already heard all that jazz, usually at least twice, I don't need to hear it again. I have said all those words, I have heard all the words from Mike-a-licious when he originally said them from his mouth...I don't need to listen again. I am aware of how funny it is, I have laughed my ass off to it all when it happened. I mean, you don't read all about going over the ferris wheel when you just rode it yourself last week, do you?
I know, I know. I understand what you are saying out there Company. Mike-a-licious listens to it when it comes out, and he listens to it WAY more times than I do in the course of his editing it. That's true, and you know what, I am glad he listens. The other big reason why I don't listen is because I will never be happy with it. I am a ceaseless and terrible critic of my own work, so I would have a tendency to just rip it apart. I would be constantly picking out things that I should have said, or things that I could have done better. I would never be happy, and I would never be content. That would make me more nervous and driven for the next podcast, and believe me the quality, whatever quality happens to be there, would suffer. And nobody wants that, do they?
But I am trying, and I intend to listen to it with more frequency. I mean, I should be right? I should be listening to what is going on so I know. So that is what I am going to do. I started this week, and today I loaded all the back episodes onto my iPod so that I can listen in the car this weekend, that will catch me up quickly so I can get with it. Then, let the nitpicking begin.

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