Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Observations from Bowling

So, seeing as it is Tuesday, I had bowling tonight. So seeing as I didn't write a blog post before bowling, and then bowling ran long, and now I am short on time, you are going to get stuck with some observations from bowling. Okay?

- Of all the machines in our world, pinsetters and bowling ball returns probably malfunction more than any others. That being said, they perform a rather awkward task and they do it almost continuously, so I suppose I understand.

- Eating a bunch of leftover nachos that are questionable as to their non-grossness and then pouring a bunch of beers on top of them is generally not a solid plan for any occasion.

- Speaking of beer, having some while bowling helps loosen one up a little. I know it's cliché but it's true. Especially if they are cold.

- Speaking of loosening one up a little, while the guys are fun, it's really fun to have people there watching you. That's just my opinion.

- One of these days I am going to fall on my ass the first time I bowl because the floor is WAY too slippery. I don't know how the oiler manages to get oil places other than where they are supposed to be, I will never know.

- I have ALMOST figured out how to score bowling correctly. Almost.

- I find it strange that out of the three games, there is more comraderie between ones own team, and between the two teams bowling against one another, on the second game. It's like during the first game you are feeling out the other guys, the second game all is well, and by the third one team is pissed they are losing, and everyone just wants things to be done. It's like a bell curve of sportsmanship. Strange.

So that's it, my observations from bowling tonight. I know, cop out. I phoned that one in. But I thought I did a pretty good job coming up with something from nothing, no? Make an observation about that.

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