Saturday, September 05, 2009

Time's Weekend Lost

"The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time." That is a quote from James Taylor. Yeah, THAT James Taylor, and I imagine that he said it melodically. The issue of the day today, Company is time. The reason why this is the issue of the day is because I don't have work because it's a Saturday, but it is not just any Saturday. It is the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, which means several things. 1.) I get a whole extra day off this weekend. 2.) It is the traditional end of summer. 3.) Summer has already passed by 4.) I am going to get nothing done this weekend.
Anyway, this being the Saturday of Labor Day weekend has brought all sorts of thoughts regarding time into my head, as you can plainly see. It sort of struck me this morning. I woke up not much longer than I usually would on a weekday, laid around watching TV for an hour or so, and got up to make some breakfast. It was at that time that I realized that I wouldn't get anything done on this long weekend. I don't have a lot to do; I have every intent of doing those few things. But I know how this goes. We all know how this goes. Pretty soon it will be Saturday night, then Sunday afternoon, and before long it will be sunset on Monday night. I can't tell you what I will do during that time to make it disappear so, but I can assure you it won't be the things I want or need to be doing. As I sit here it is almost noon on Saturday and I can't even be sure where the morning has gone.
See, the thing about the human condition is that when we sit down and we know in our minds that we have a large block of time coming up, and a certain list of things to do in that large block of time, we tend to minimize the amount of time we have to do the certain things and maximize the large block of time. Three days without work, that seems like forever and a day. The four or five things I have to do, each a little blink of the eye. But there is a "House" marathon on USA. And it is a nice day to sit in the Adirondack chair in the backyard and drink beer. Plus my mom is around so I am sure that I will spend some time with her, and before you know it I will be setting an alarm clock for Tuesday morning.
That is just the way it goes. That is the way it always has, that's why summer is gone so suddenly when it was just Memorial Day last week. Independence Day was in there somewhere, it took about eight minutes and I didn't even get a chance to light the grill. Time flies by, and it only goes in the one direction: forward and onward. It'll be gone in an instant. So why am I sitting here and typing this? Why didn't I end it after a paragraph or two and get on with my weekend? Maybe this is one of the few things that I had to do this weekend, you don't know. But I will certainly try to complete my agenda, just like you will certainly try to complete yours. I can guarantee you one thing though, before you realize it you will be reading tomorrow's post, and then Monday's after that.

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