Monday, September 28, 2009

Funny The Way It Is

Well Company, I am not going to give you what you are probably expecting today, and I'm going to tell you way. Let's begin by noting that this past weekend in was in the Chicago area with CaraBeara and The Pharaoh in order to see a Dave Matthews Band concert. He had Willie Nelson opening for him, which was pretty sweet since even if you aren't a fan of Willie Nelson, he is still a legend and at least now I can go to my deathbed saying that I had a chance to see him live. Anyway, we spent a day tooling around Chicago, and all in all I had a fantastic time. The reason that I am not going to give you what you are probably expecting is because, aside from what you just read, I am not going to give you any sort of a recap. I am not going to get into what songs were played and in what order, I am not going to tell you in excruciating detail about the drunken kid who had the seat in front of me, I am not going to give you the rundown of what I did while tooling around the Windy City.
What I am, however going to do is marvel at exactly how the entire weekend experience made me just sort of wax philosophical the whole time through, which is a tough task because I am not ever sure that I can come close to explaining it. As I sat at the top of the John Hancock building with a drink in my hand I had a blog post starting to form and spin in my head. As I sat at the DMB concert waiting for him to come back for the encore I had a blog post starting to form and spin in my head. As I drove into town on the Dan Ryan I had a blog post starting to form and spin in my head. As I stared out the window into the approaching blackness of the thunderstorm as a tornado warning was broadcast across the TV I had this sense that I was in a bad action flick and pretty soon we'd see Helen Hunt and either Bill Paxton or Bill Pullman (does it really matter which at this point? I am starting to believe that they may be the same person) come through trying to take all sorts of measurements, but that's neither here nor there. The point here, Company, is that all through the weekend I had these little blog posts that would grow in my mind and then be forgotten as the weekend carried on.
The thing about these blog posts, however, is, well, there are two things really. First, that they kept coming up scared me. That means that I am starting to look at the world from a blogger's eye, or at least I was last weekend for some reason, which sort of scares me. I am starting to wonder if this thing in taking over my brain. The extremely scary thing to me though, is the form that these potential blog posts were taking, from what I remember about them. They were not rants, although I certainly could have made several good rants out of some of the r-tards that we came across during our weekend, but they all had more like an observational or philosophical bent. I don't know why I this kept happening - I was most certainly having a good time - it's just that every situation that came up sort of triggered that sort of idea in my head. It's really hard to explain; I am not doing an adequate job of it. I am not doing this strange phenomenon justice.
Let's get one thing clear here, Company. I am not worried about this. I am not concerned. I just wanted to bring this issue to your attention. I was in the third largest city in America, filled with fun and interesting things to do, hanging out with wonderful friends, and for some reason my brain was getting all philosophical. Strange.

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