Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Big Dave and Company Podcast

Well Company, the big day has finally come. It is September 3, 2009 and that means that the very first Big Dave and Company Podcast drops today. So, even though I promised Guy H. of Sand River, MI that I would still post on podcast days, I am just too excited today. So why don't you take a break and listen.

Or click here to go to the Big Dave and Company Podcast page.

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KingBobb said...

I actually see Mr. Delorian on occasion at the shop. My sister lives in Ohio. So you better print a retraction if you expect to have any chance with her. Or her boyfriend. Nude totally IS better than pink. However I don't think that you can set any mood other than shame in a pink car. Actually I just had a conversation about a Monza the other day. I totally would have listened to all 75 things on the list. That's because salsa goes with everything. Feeling salsa saucy? I've got a buddy that used to hang out with Zack. "'re a place...." bwah ha ha ha ha. I saw Dances with Wolves in the theatre. And Waterworld.