Saturday, August 15, 2009

The County Fair

So, the friendly local county fair is ongoing this weekend, and I am not there, which makes me sad. I am away across the miles in a strange city attending a super awesome party in honor of Friend Steven, which makes me pretty happy. Anyway, I am missing the fair, which in a small, small town is a pretty big event, and I am a little sad about that because I am just sort of getting the feeling that it is going to be one of those events that I miss every year for one reason or another.
The reason that sort of eats me up inside is because I love the fair. In the days before I booked town I could hear it from my living room and I could see the bright lights from my back deck. And it's wonderful. I love the county fair. I heard some naysayers ripping on the fair the other day and I had to tell them to settle. There is something about a fair that gets everyone excited, and there is a fair to excite anyone. County fair, state fair, renaissance faire, antique fair, whatever. Boss Lady took her family hundreds of miles last week to go to the state fair. Heck, Garrison Keillor wrote a whole article for National Geographic about state fairs, and he toured like a dozen of them last summer. Or this summer. I don't think it matters which.
The county fair is like a miniature travelling version of the state fair, which is neat; all the prerequesites are there. There are lots of neat rides, like a ferris wheel and a tilt-a-whirl and that Gravitron thing that spins around and then the wall moves up and you are suspended by forces that only Newton and your high school science teacher can understand. They also have that terrifying swing that always gives me visions of snapping chains and people flying everywhere with no control or safety equipment. All those rides are still super fun though, and the intense fright is all part of the game.
Then there is the midway, the pulsing, heaving heart of every fair. It is wonderful. There is something about the very unique mix of smells and sounds that come out of the midway: fried food, generators running, grease, children, corn, hawkers announcing all the games, and farm animals wafting in from the 4-H barns. It's a certainly magical mixture that is recreated in hundreds of thousands of towns all across America but can't be created anywhere but in those hundreds of thousands of places, if that makes sense. To get that you have to go to the fair.
So I love the fair but alas I am missing it. I will be thinking of it, and maybe, as I go through my travels I will find one somewhere and then I can get a taste of it all. That would be nice, because a summer just isn't a summer without the certain flair of the county fair. If your is passed and you didn't make it, too bad, so sad. Catch it next year. But for those of you who still have a chance, take it, enjoy it, and let me know how it went.

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